It’s the school holidays, so what better way to entertain the children than by getting our craft on.  My son is loving boats at them moment, and we decided to make a boat out of egg cartons.

Egg Carton – Boat Craft

What you need
Egg Carton
Resene test pots in Snap and Chaos
Bamboo Skewers
Patterned paper, or your own paper that you child decorates
Hot glue gun and glue
A paint brush

What to do

1. If you have a dozen-egg carton like ours, cut it in half. Otherwise a half dozen egg carton will work well.

Egg Carton - Boat craft carton

2. Paint the inside in Resene Snap, and while that is drying paint the outside in Chaos. If you are doing this with young children they will probably want to put the colour everywhere. Embrace this, as children really love painting on anything that’s not paper, and it’s awesome for their development.

Egg Carton - Boat craft Resene Chaos

3. Now grab the patterned paper, and draw two sails like shown in the picture. Then cut them out.

Egg Carton - Boat craft sail

4. Once your sails are cut out, fold lightly in half to find the centre, then cut two small slits in the centre; one at the top and one down the bottom of the sail. This is where the skewer will be pushed through.

Egg Carton - Boat craft sail cut

5. Now insert the skewers into the peaks of the egg carton. You will need to hot glue all around them to make them stand upright.

Egg Carton - Boat craft sail gluing

7. Lastly, thread your sails through the skewers to complete.
Egg Carton - Boat craft sail 2

If your child enjoyed making our egg carton boat, check out 100s of other ideas in our creative arts and crafts section.

Egg Carton - Boat craft finished

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Alayna lives in the Horowhenua with her husband and two beautiful children, where she runs She's a qualified primary school teacher with a passion for visual arts. Alayna's work has featured in print and online publications, you can check out her work on her website.

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