This is a fun little activity that kids of all ages can do. It’s an idea based on the really simple ‘squash and fold’ style of art I used to love to do as a kid. Then you choose the most interesting part of the artwork to frame.

The metallic range of paints from Resene test pots works perfectly for this project. But you can use any colours you like really!

For this particular project I used an embroidery hoop from Spotlight. You can pick these up from most craft stores. But you could just as easily use a small wooden frame. You can get these for around $5 from stores like The Warehouse and similar.

This makes a great rainy day and school holiday activity. It’s messy fun, that’s not too messy. And you’ll find your kids are constantly amazed at the result. As soon as they open the first one up, they’ll be ready to create another! It’s so much fun.

‘Fold and Squish’ Galaxy Art for Kids

You will Need:
Resene test pot paints (we used Funtasia, Digital Blue, Pearl Shimmer, Colour Me Pink and Super Duper)
Baking paper
Ice block sticks
Embroidery hoop (or small frame)

What to do:
1. Rip a large piece of baking paper, fold it in half and unfold it. Lay it down in front of your child.

Galaxy Art for Kids 1

2. Lay out your range of Resene paints around the baking paper. Add an iceblock stick to each one. Use the Ice Block sticks to drizzle the different coloured paints over one half of the baking paper.

Galaxy Art for Kids 2

3. Once you have drizzled enough paint carefully fold the baking paper in half again, and squish it together. You might a smaller child wants to use something like a ruler or similar to get a really good squish!

Galaxy Art for Kids 3

4. Unfold the paper again, and flick white paint on it with a firm brush or an old tooth brush. This creates a star and comet like effect over the top. And kids just love this part! Then leave the artwork to dry, and start another one!

Galaxy Art for Kids 5

5. Once your child’s galaxy painting is dry, decide which part of it is your favourite part and place it into the embroidery hoop, or wooden frame. If you’re using the embroidery hoop, just cut off the excess from behind the hoop. If using a frame, just cut out to fit the size of the frame.

Galaxy Art for Kids 6

Now it’s ready to hang on the wall or to gift to someone special. I think these would make a beautiful gift for a nana or poppa!

If you child enjoyed doing this craft, then make sure you check out our whole archive of crafts.

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