The Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) is a leading not-for-profit organisation managing unique youth development programmes aimed to inspire school age children in New Zealand to reach their full potential. Co-founded by Graeme Dingle and Jo-anne Wilkinson with input from leading educationalists, FYD’s programmes include Kiwi Can, Stars and Project K.

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can is a life skills and values programme delivered to 5 – 12-year-olds once a week, every week of the school year. The programme challenges and develops children in a positive way to increase their physical fitness, mental awareness, creative abilities and understanding and the nurturing of values and life skills.


Stars supports Year 9 students (3rd form) to make a safe and positive transition into high school through five key stages; a week long Adventure Camp, Community Project, Community Adventure, Careers Expo and Peer Mentoring with senior students. The programme encourages a strong school community by bringing junior and senior students together through activities and projects, with guidance and support from teachers.

Project K

Project K is an exciting youth development programme run in three key phases. Year 10 students (4th form) spend three weeks completing a Wilderness Adventure aimed at providing challenges and fostering the growth of self-confidence, 10 days completing a Community Challenge to develop life skills and a knowledge of community resources, and thirdly a year-long mentoring partnership focused on providing support and encouragement toward the achievement of goals.


Kiwi Can, Stars and Project K are delivered through participating schools across the country by local trusts (Licensees), keeping the focus community driven. The permanency of the programmes is their success.

Parents: in order for your child to be eligible for our programmes they need to attend a participating school. For a list of participating schools please call our national office. If your child’s school does not offer our programmes and you would like to encourage them to, please call our national office and ask to speak to our Kiwi Can, Project K or Stars National Programme Manager. We can discuss with you the steps it takes to set up our programmes in your region.

For more information about the Foundation for Youth Development and its programmes, please visit or call 09 477 6237 or freephone 0800 435 775.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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