We’ve pulled together our selection of the best free Maths Games online for kids, updated for 2019. These are educational websites full of games to keep your kids entertained while growing their minds.

Let your toddler, preschool or primary school kids learn while having fun playing free online maths and numeracy games. Click on any of the website below to play an enormous array of interactive games.

If your kids love tech, and you’re trying to limit their screen time to just the educational stuff, then rest assured there are some great websites out there.

The difficult thing for parents is sifting through the hundreds of lesser quality websites to find the good ones. Well just relax and grab a cuppa, we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve put together a ‘best of’ list of websites parents can encourage their kids to use.

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10 best free online maths games for kids in 2019

1. Funbrain.com

best free maths games for kids-Funbrain.com

If you’ve read our Top education websites for kids article you know that we love the Funbrain website! So it makes sense that it’s top of our list of free maths games websites too.

Funbrain.com is everything you would expect from an interactive, educational website. There’s a good selection of maths games on the site for different ages. The content is top-quality. The games have great graphics, and simple but effective gameplay. The videos are really high-quality production too.

2. BBC Bitesize

best free maths games for kids-BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is the sort of conscious quality you’d expect from such a trusted brand. The website is quite pared back, it’s really simple and functional. And the games are very basic, but with nice graphics, and cool video explainers to match. And the games are all very age appropriate.

The website has literally 1000s of games and resources for primary through to highschool age, in dozens of curriculum subjects. So stick to one subject, one age group at a time to get the most value.

3. PBS Kids

best free maths games for kids-PBS Kids

PBS Kids is in the same category as the BBC website above. PBS just gets children’s education, and uses entertainment to encourage learning and deliver knowledge. I’d happily let my children watch back to back episodes of Dinosaur Train, because they actually learn from it.

The maths games section of the PBS Kids site has well over 150 good-quality games on it. They’re simple drag and click games, with great graphics and sound quality (just try and play the Peg + Cat Chicken Dance game only once). The only thing letting down this page is I found a couple of broken links, and the games aren’t ordered by age, which is unhelpful.

4. Math Playground

free online maths games for kids-Math Playground

Math Playground is a great free maths games for kids option. With a secure site, and really basic navigation, it’s a safe and easy option for kids.

The games are all in HTML5, which is good to see. And the games range from cute and fun, through to really challenging. The maths equations are well pitched for age groups, and not too easy. And the games are visually enticing, which will keep kids coming back for more ‘give your brain a workout’ goodness.

5. ABCmouse.com

ABCmouse.com-Kiwi Families
ABCmouse.com is a full online curriculum for kids aged 2 through 8 years. And it’s chock full of fantastic maths games and activities for kids.

The great thing about this website is the progressive nature of the lessons and the Progress Tracker that tracks your child’s learning through the site. You can even customise your own avatar and earn rewards and incentives for completing lessons! ABCmouse.com is a paid subscription model. But you can try the site out for free for a month, or for a full 2 months for only $5, to see if your kids like it first.

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6. IR Primary Games

best free maths games for kids-iR Primary Games

The iR Primary Games Series has some really good maths games available. There’s heaps of games available over 8 series, and some of them are really tricky, and will really push even older kids.

The games on desktop are all in Flash, which Apple has now deprecated as an unsafe format. But you can also download them to your desktop and play directly without having to download the Flash player. All their games are also available separately on the App and Play stores to download.

7. Math Game Time

best free online maths games-Math Games Time

Math Game Time is not a secure website, and there is a little advertising and click links. But the games are in HTML5, and are really engaging, with lots of good maths problems included.

Children can enjoy racing games, logic games, puzzle games, and even games based on activities they enjoy every day.

8. IXL Maths

free maths games for kids-IXL maths

IXL Maths is one of our two most no-frills options in this list. But we really like this site. The actual website is secure, and it’s run be a really respectable company. So safety is assured here.

The games themselves are really just basic maths equations, delivered as simple text and images, with sound to provide the questions.

The maths equations are well pitched for the age groupings. And from kindergarten through to Year 11, there are literally 1000s of equations available.

9. Thomas and Friends

Best free maths games for kids-Thomas and friends

The Thomas and Friends website is probably a bit more edu-tainment than education. But the games on this site are quite good quality and educational for wee ones.

Games like matching pairs, and matching shapes, are great for little minds. And the drag and click HTML5 action is perfect for small hands negotiating trackpads and tablets.

10. Maths for Kids

free maths games for kids-Maths for kids

Maths for Kids is about as no-frills an option as you’ll get in this list. The website is brilliant, it’s like stepping back in time to the 90s! This is definitely not one for the visual learners.

That said, it stays on our list in 2019 because it just works really well. The maths problems are well suited for each of the 6 through to 11 age groups included on the site. From basic number ordering through to measurement of different shapes.

Kids may tire quickly of the Q and A format, and basic site design, but it’s great for some quick-fire maths lessons to do together at the coffee table.

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Free math games about science are really perfect for kids no matter if they are girls or boys. At this age, the kids always tend to discover everything around them. Puzzles and difficult-to-solve issues in science will encourage their intelligence and creativity. It’s amazing!

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