Free Maths games

Use our quick reference table of free Online Maths Games just for kids. Let your toddler, preschool or primary school boys and girls learn while having fun playing free online maths & numeracy games.  Click on the selected website address below to view and play the enormous array of interactive games. Contact us  if you would like any other free, cool maths or numeracy game websites added for young children to enjoy.

 Website Link and Description
 Maths for Kids http://www.math-exercises-for-kids.comMaths exercises at a range of levels for approximately 6-11 year olds.
¬†THOMAS and friends ¬†¬†— includes a variety of¬†visual games for toddler & preschool kids

 PBS Kids— a fabulous selection of¬†Math games & Number games for toddler and preschool children
¬†BBC Schools ¬†— 10 different interactive numeracy games for ages 4 – 11 years old
¬†— a broad range of interactive maths games for preschool and primary school children


¬†¬†— lots of numeracy games for preschool and primary school boys & girls
¬†¬†— The Maths Week website provides stimulating “Challenges” and “Games” as devised by experienced and passionate NZ Maths Teachers.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†—¬†Some wickED maths games for kids to practice their basic maths recall.
¬†BBC Education ¬†¬†— 12 different interactive maths games for primary school children
¬†IXL ¬†— Interactive maths questions for your Toddler , Preschooler¬†, 5 year old , 6 year old , 7 year old , 8 year old , 9 year old¬†, & 10 year old
¬†¬†— Over 120 interactive maths games for Years K – 2¬†, ¬†Years 3 – 5¬†, Years 6 – 8 , & Years 9 –¬†12 children from experienced maths teachers
¬†Primary Games ¬†¬†— contains 6 different series of fun maths games for primary school kids.
¬†—– a mixture of interactive online games for children aged¬†¬† ¬†3 – 4 years , ¬†5 – 7 years , 8 – 10 years , 11 – 12 years old. Рa great source of maths resources for New Zealand Parents


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