If you’re here, you probably have a baby on the way and you’re searching for a lovely new name. We’ve collated the 100 most popular baby girl names, the meaning of those names, as well as the origin of the name.

A name’s meaning shouldn’t be your most important decision criteria. If you love the name, and you think it will fit your family and suit your child, that’s the most important thing.

But many names do have traditional meanings behind them, and come with hundreds of years of historical significance and origin.

So finding out if the name you love has a beautiful meaning too is definitely a great thing to do.

And, of course, some parents go back the other way and start with the meaning. This can be something of significance to you, or your family, and can make a name really special.

One thing is for sure, lots of people will ask you how you came up with your baby’s name, or what the name means to you. So for many people the meaning of a name is just as important as the name itself.

If you’re looking for the meaning of boy’s names, check out our A to Z of boy names and meanings.

And don’t forget to check out our Baby names page for hundreds more great baby name ideas for your wee bundle of joy!

Girl Name Name Origin Girl Name Meaning Variations; Derivative Names
Aaliyah Arabic High, Sublime Aliyah
Abby English Joy of the Father deriv. from Abigail
Abigail Hebrew Joy of the Father Abigael, Abbygail, Abbigail, Abigale, Abagail, Abigaile
Addison English Child of Adam Addisyn, Adison, Adyson, Addyson
Alexandra Greek Defender of the People Alejandra, Alessandra, Alixandra
Alexia American Defender of the People fem. for Alexander, Alexei or Alexis
Alice English of a Noble Kin
Alyssa Greek Rational Alysa, Allyssa
Amber English Precious Stone Aamber
Amelia Latin To Strive or Excel or Rival Amilya, Amilia, Emilia
Amy Latin Beloved Amee
Anahera Maori Angel or Archangel
Anna Hebrew Gracious, Merciful Myanna; deriv. from Hannah
Annabelle English combined -> combined “Anna” and “Bella”
Aria Italian Solo Melody name of mythological nymph
Ariana Italian Very Holy Aryanna; from Greek name Ariadne
Ashley English from the Ash Tree Field Ashely, Ashlie, Ashlee, Ashly
Ava Latin Like a Bird short for Avis
Ayla Hebrew Oak Tree
Bailey English Bailiff, Steward Bailee, Baily, Baili
Bella Italian Beautiful short for Isabella
Brooke English Small Stream
Brooklyn American Borough ofNew York Brooklyne, Brooklynn
Caitlin Irish Pure Caitlyn, Kaitlynn
Charlotte English Free fem. of Charles
Chloe Greek Verdant and Blooming Cloe, Chloey, Khloe, Khloei, Chloie, Kloey, Kloe
Daisy American the Flower Deisy; deriv. from the “day’s eye”
Eden Hebrew Paradise
Elizabeth Hebrew God is My Oath Elizebeth
Ella Spanish Young Girl short for Eleanor
Emily English To Strive or Excel or Rival Emilee, Emmalie, Emely, Emili
Emma Latin Universal
Eva Hebrew Giver of Life
Faith English Fiath
Georgia English Farmer fem. of George
Grace Latin Grace of God
Hannah Hebrew Grace Hanna
Hayley English from the Hay Clearing Haylie, Haylee, Hailee, Hayleigh
Hazel English the Hazel Tree light brown colour
Holly English Plant with Red Berries Holli, Hollie, Hollye, Holley
Imogen English Innocent, Girl Shakespeare derived from “Innogen”
Isabel Spanish God is My Oath Isobel, Isabell, Izabelle
Isabella Italian God is My Oath Isabela, Izabella, Issabella
Isabelle French God is My Oath Isabell
Isla Scottish Island
Jade English Green Gemstone Jayde
Jasmine Persian Jasmine Flower Jazmine, Jazmyn, Jasmyn, Jazmin
Jessica Hebrew God Beholds Jessika, Jyssica
Kate English Pure Kayte, Kaite; deriv. from Katherine
Katelyn American Pure Katelynn
Katie English Pure deriv. from Kathleen or Katherine
Kayla American Pure and Beloved Kailah, Kailiah, Kaela, Kaila, Keyla, Kaylah
Keira Irish Black Haired Kiera
Lauren American Laurel Lauryn, Laurynn
Leah Hebrew Weary
Lilly English Lily Lillie
Lily English Lily flower Lilly
Lola Spanish Sorrows deriv. from Dolores
Lucy English Light Lucie
Mackenzie Scottish Son of Kenneth Mckenzie, Makenzie, Makenzee, Mckinzie, Makenzi
Madaleine French Woman of Magdala Madeleine, Madeline, Madelyne, Maddelyne, Mahdeline, Mahdelyn
Maddison English Son of Matthew Madison, Madisyn, Maddyson, Madyson, Madisyn, Madysen
Madeline English Woman of Magdala Madilyn, Madeleine, Madalyn,  Madalynn, Madilynn, Madaline
Madison English Son of Matthew Maddison, Madisyn, Maddyson, Madyson, Madisyn, Madysen
Maia Latin Great
Manaia Maori Guardian
Maria Spanish Sea of Bitterness Mariea
Matilda English Battle Strength 12th century English queen
Mia Scandinavian Sea of Bitterness Miah; deriv. from Maria
Millie English derivation -> deriv. from Mildred or Millicent
Mikayla American Who is like God? Mikaylaa; form of Michaela
Molly English Sea of Bitterness Mollie
Natalie French Born on Christmas Day Natalee, Natali
Nevaeh American Heaven Neveah; “heaven” spelt backwards
Olivia English Elf Army Alyvia; fem. of Oliver
Paige English Assistant
Peyton English from Pacca’s Town
Phoebe Greek Bright, Shining Pheobe
Piper English Flute Player
Poppy Latin from the Flower
Rebecca Hebrew Snare Rebeca, Rebbekah
Riley Irish Descendant of Roghallach Ryleigh, Ryley, Rileigh
Rose English the Flower
Ruby English Red Gemstone Rubi
Samantha American combined -> combined “Samuel” and “Anthea”
Sarah Hebrew Princess Sara
Savannah Native American Open Plain Savanah
Scarlett English Red Scarlet
Sienna Italian Reddish Brown Siena
Sofia Spanish Wisdom
Sophia Greek Wisdom Sofia
Sophie French Wisdom Sofie
Stella Latin Star
Summer English a season
Tayla American combined -> combined “Taylor” and “Ayla”
Taylor English Tailor Tayler, Teighlor
Tessa English Harvester deriv. from Theresa
Violet French Purple/blue Flower
Zara English Princess Zaira; form of Sarah
Zoe Greek Life

And don’t forget to check out our Baby names page for hundreds more great baby name ideas for your wee bundle of joy!

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I’m surprised that my favourite girl’s name, Tamika, is not on your list. It’s a Maori name which was bestowed on a baby rescued from the ashes of a burnt out pa, following a raid by a war party. Literally tami means “burned and smothered” and the suffix ka is an intensifier word like “very”. In the circumstances it was given to this little girl I prefer to think of it as meaning “survivor.” My daughter and granddaughter both have this name and I have met three other girls called Tamika. We need to treasure and encourage the use of… Read more »


My favourite girl’s name is Tamika. Maori in origin it literally means “burned and smothered” and refers to an instance where a baby girl was pulled from the burnt remains of a pa which had been destroyed by a war party. As such, I prefer to think it means “survivor.” my daughter and granddaughter both have this name.

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