Well it’s Spring the perfect time to bring the birds into the garden. And what better way than with a bird bath. Here’s how to make one from terracotta pots.

A few weeks back we made these colourful bird feeders which the birds love. So we thought we would take it a step further and make a Terracotta pot bird bath and bird feeder in one!

Terracotta pots are easy to paint and cheap to buy. You can get them from most garden stores, and often you can pick them up from second hand shops. You may even find you have some laying around your home with weeds growing in them. Just be sure to wash them really well before painting.

We wanted to make a bright and colourful bird bath for the garden, so we choose Resene Keppel and Scrumptious to paint our pots in. The colours work really well together and we think it looks great in our garden.

This is an easy project for all ages. You might just want to limit the colour pallet if you are doing it with young kids, as they may just turn out as a multi-coloured mess.

It’s also a great project to tackle over the holiday period, and a good excuse to get out into that unloved garden!

How to make a birdbath from terracotta pots

You will need
One medium terracotta pot with it’s saucer
One small terracotta pot with it’s saucer
Strong glue (we used arulidite porcelain glue)
Resene Quick Dry Primer
Resene test pots in Keppel and Scrumptious
Resene Clearcoat U.V. protective glaze (Optional)

What to do
1. Paint all the pots with Resene Quick Dry Primer (this won’t take long to dry, as terracotta is very porous, so this makes the paint dry even faster).

2. Next paint your medium sized pot and saucer in Resene Keppel. Set aside to dry.

3. Paint your small sized pot and saucer in Resene Scrumptious. Set aside to dry.

4. The pots will need two coats for best coverage so repeat step 2 and 3.

5. Now turn your large pot upside-down, and glue your small pot on top of the larger one, facing the right way up.

6. Glue your large saucer to the top of the smaller pot.

7. Lastly, glue your smaller saucer off to one side of the larger saucer. You’ll need to balance it on a small block while it dries.

8. For an optional extra step, you could paint a coat of Resene Clearcoat U.V. protective glaze over the whole bird bath to prevent the paint from chipping.

If you liked this gorgouse birdbath be sure to check out these bright and colourful Bird feeders. And for more great crafting ideas, check out our School age: Arts and crafts section.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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