Here is a fun and incredibly simple craft you can do with your kids. And if you’re anything like us, and don’t mind a tree full of random decorations lovingly made by your little ones, then this craft is for you 🙂

This is definitely a Christmas craft that even the smallest of hands can create. And you can make a bunch in a single sitting, which is really fun.

Ice Block Stick Christmas Decorations

What you will need
Ice-block sticks
Resene test pot paint in any shade of forest green
Sequins and beads
Hot glue and glue gun or PVA glue
A Ribbon or string for hanging

What to do
1. Paint all your iceblock sticks in green on both sides.
Christmas tree decoration (2)

2. Once they are dry glue 3 of them together in the shape of a triangle. And then glue the 4th one from behind, down the middle to be the trunk. You can see the design below:

Christmas tree decoration (1)

3. Chose a bead for the top of your tree. We chose a lovely red star.

Christmas tree decoration (3)

4. Glue on some beads and sequins as faux baubles and decorations to your tree. And then fold and glue a ribbon or length of string on to the back. For little hands, could tie the ribbon off, and have your child glue the knot to the back.

Iceblock christmas decoration

If you love doing crafts with your children be sure to check out some of our other craft pages for pre school children.

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