KEEA- Bedwetting & Soiling

KEEA Bed wetting

Wetting (enuresis) and soiling (encopresis) can be embarrassing and debilitating problems for children, particularly once they reach their school years.

Aside from the practical and hygiene issues, other children (and some adults) can be hurtful in their reactions to a child who has wet or soiled themselves. Children who wet or soil can be afraid to attend school camps or trips and become socially isolated with long-term effects on their emotional development.

After seeing the newsletters and information produced by E.R.I.C. (the Enuresis Resource Information Centre) in England, a group of parents and health professionals working in this area decided that something similar was needed here in New Zealand.

A committee was formed in Nelson, with strong support from other areas and in July 2001 the KEEA Trust was formed.

The Kiwi Enuresis Encopresis Association – Awhinatia Tamariki (KEEA) is a national organisation set up to support and educate families who have children with wetting (enuresis) and/or soiling (encopresis) problems. Statistically 15-20% of five-year-olds wet the bed at least two nights a week; 7 % of seven-year-olds wet the bed; 5% of 10-year-olds and up to 2% of young adults wet the bed at least occasionally. Daytime wetting affects 3% of children and soiling can be an embarrassing and debilitating problem. So there was no doubt an organisation like KEEA is needed.

What does it do?

KEEA provides information on the help available nationwide to parents of children with enuresis or encopresis.  A former newsletter kept families and health professionals up to date with information about these problems. All the newsletters are available on the website.

Issues covered by the newsletters include ways to help your child when they’re going on school camps or sleepovers; dealing with constipation; the alarm clock programme; Hirschsprung’s disease; soiled pants – a guide for parents and children; and the many issues of toilet training.

KEEA is interested in feedback from parents and aims to help families in whatever way possible.

How is it funded?

KEEA is funded by grants and donations and receives no government funding.

How can I get their help?

Reach Continence NZ for further information –


The Kiwi Families Team

This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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