These Paper Spinner Toys are great fun to make and once your kids know how to make them they will enjoy experimenting with different patterns and designs.


How to Make a Paper Spinner Toy

You will need
Paper Plate
Needle or nail for making a hole
Resene testpot paints

What to do
1. Grab a paper plate and cut out the inner circle of your plate.

How to make a Paper Spinner Toy cut

2. Draw a pattern onto your plate and then paint it. We created a Spiral pattern using Resene Yeehaa and Fundasia but be bold and experiment with different designs and patterns.

How to make a Paper Spinner Toy spiral How to make a Paper Spinner Toy spiral (1)

3. If your like you can paint different patterns on each side, or the same on both.

4. Using a sharp object make two small holes approximately 1cm on either side of the center of the paper plate. I first used a needle then a skewer to make the hole a little bigger.

How to make a Paper Spinner Toy spiral (2)

How to make a Paper Spinner Toy hole

5. Cut some string about 50cm in length and thread it through the two holes. Then tie the ends of the string together.

To use the spinner, just slip your fingers through the loop of each string, on either side of the spinner. Then spin it around and around until the string pulls nice and tight. Now pull the string out taught. It can take a few tries to get it right. But when you get it, it spins and makes wonderful patterns as it does.


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