This is a fun little activity that you can make with both young and older kids. We have made these ones as Christmas cards but you can really make them for any occasion.

It’s a great activity to get the kids out and about collecting leaves. Talk about what will make the best prints, and collect an assortment of leaves to bring back home. Have fun experimenting with the different results of each different leaf. You could try more than one leaf per card, and different shapes and sizes, to see what sort of result you get.

Make Your Own Leaf Print Card

You will need
A selection of leaves
Paint – we used Resene test pot paints
Card stock paper (we bought black craft cards from The Warehouse but you can just fold some A4 card in half)
Paint brush
Beads and sequins for decorating
Glitter glue or plain glue

What to do
1. If you have an A4 sized piece of card fold it in half.

2. Paint your leaf and press in onto your card. Make sure to just pat it down gently so the paint doesn’t squash out the side, and try not to use too much paint too. Then carefully peel off the leaf.

Christmas card making

3. Once the print is dry. Use your glitter glue to stick down some beads and sequins. You can add a trunk to the ‘tree’ as well. Or just allow the stalk print to be an impression.

Christmas card making beads

4. The last step is to use the glitter glue for a decorative border around the card, and to add some extra decorations to the tree.
Christmas card making leaf print making

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