There seems to be a bewildering array of nappies or diapers available in NZ to choose from nowadays, so we’ve prepared a simple table for you that summarises all of the different nappy shapes and types available from flat cloth nappies or squares, prefolds and disposables to pocket, fitted, all in one and covers (over naps).

Flat Cloth Nappies or SquaresThese are what most parents think of when they think of cloth nappies. They are your old fashion foldable cloth nappies and require a cover.

PrefoldsThese are pre sewn modern flat nappies which eliminate the need for folding. They are a 2 piece system consisting of a pre-fold nappy and a waterproof cover.

Disposable NappiesA convenient one piece nappy which contains superabsorbent polymer which is locked into layers of fluff pulp, and covered with a liner which prevents urine from coming in contact with baby’s skin.

Pocket NappyThis style has the waterproof outer attached to a fleece liner forming a pocket between the layers. This is where you pop in a insert / booster for absorbency.
Fitted Nappy (“Fitteds”)This style needs no folding. It is a two piece system which consists of the nappy (absorbent part) and a waterproof breathable wrap (waterproof part). They come in different fastening systems.

All In One (“AIO”)This is a shaped nappy with the outer cover already attached making it like a disposable to put on.

Covers (“Over Naps”)Designed to wear over cloth or disposable nappies. The cover component of a cloth nappy system is your waterproof layer which is what keeps your baby dry.
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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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