Child Inter-Family Sexual Abuse Support – CIFSAS is an organisation whose vision is to provide a safe environment where the whanau of child inter-family sexual abuse can come together and find strategies to recover as a family unit.

What is CIFSAS?

When you discover that your child or step child has been the victim of sexual abuse, your whole world comes crashing down.

When you discover the abuser is their sibling or step sibling the feelings are amplified and it can immediately throw your relationships into turmoil.

That is what happened to us. We found that there’s fantastic support for our children – both the victims and the perpetrator, but for families to really heal, we had some questions:

  • What do you do after the children have engaged with professionals? How do you rebuild all the different relationships that have been impacted?
  • Where or who can you turn to, to find answers, support or even just some solace? Inter-family sexual abuse isn’t something you can just talk to people about, post your feelings on social media forums or use any of the outlets people can usually use when things aren’t right;
  • How do you cope with the feelings of anger, loneliness, despair and guilt?
  • Where can you go to, to know you’re NOT ALONE? Somewhere with others in similar situations that can understand what you’re going through – and not just sympathise?

Support Group

We have just created CIFSAS to bridge this gap in Christchurch. If your family is in this situation we are offering you the opportunity to become part of our pilot support group. We will bring care-givers together in a professionally facilitated, safe and confidential environment to listen and share the strategies each of us use to move forward.


Email: notalonechch@outlook.com

Mobile: 021 2477 032 (Luis)

Umbrella Agency: MSSAT

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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