Did you know that shopping for your groceries online can save you money?

Many people assume it’s more expensive, but take a fresh look at this grocery shopping option.

If you shop for your groceries online, you will enjoy the following financial benefits:

• You will save on car running costs. With petrol prices on the rise, the cost of running a car is escalating rapidly. Take some time to measure the distance from your home to the supermarket, and run the calculations to find out how much this round trip is costing you, using the current Government Rate of 62 cents per kilometre or the more comprehensive AA rate of 76.5 cents per kilometre.

• You will save time and effort — up to 3 hours per shop, if you consider travel to and from the supermarket, shopping, queuing, paying, and transferring your groceries to and from the car.

• You will be more likely to stick to your shopping list, and not have impulse items like chocolate, biscuits or alcohol “jump” into your trolley.

So where can you go online supermarket shopping, and how do you do it?

Firstly, you need to go to the website for the supermarket that offers this service –  Countdown at www.countdown.co.nz. You then follow this process:

• Make your grocery selection online by simply clicking on the items you want. You can generate a “One Card Shopping List” that picks up all your usual items from when you shop at the store with your One Card – this is a great time saver. Alternatively generate a Quicklist by searching for items like ”cornflakes” or “bread”, or you can “browse the aisles” by category.

• Once you have made your shopping list selection (which you can do 24/7), it is then collected on the next business day by a Personal Shopper. These shoppers go around the supermarket filling and packing your order, ready for delivery.

• The delivery is made by a contracted courier service, and will usually arrive at your home on the next business day. Delivery costs will vary depending on where you live, but they are usually very reasonable (for example, in Ellerslie you would pay anywhere between $8.25 to $15.25 with cost varying inversely to the size of your order).

Online grocery shopping is well worth checking out – it can save you time, effort and money.

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