The New Zealand Open Adoption Network (OPAN) provides information and support for families experiencing open adoption. Read about the services they offer here.

What is the New Zealand Adoption Network (OPAN)?

The Open Adoption Network is a charitable trust which was set up in 1994 to support families experiencing open adoption. Families include the adopted child, birth parents, adoptive parents, and the extended family. Families share their open adoption experiences with each other, so that as a group they can learn, grow, develop and provide support.

OPAN also works to raise awareness of open adoption in New Zealand, and helps provide pregnant parents with information so that they can make an informed decision about options available to them.

What does OPAN do?

OPAN is not an adoption agency or pregnancy counselling service, however they can put you in touch with people in these areas. The main services that OPAN provides include:

  • Information and support for pregnant parents who are considering open adoption for their child
  • Contact with other families experiencing open adoption. OPAN believes that through sharing each others stories and experiences, families can help and support each other.
  • A quarterly newsletter full of useful information, events, stories and updates about adoption in NZ
  • Support groups for all people involved in open adoption including birth parents, adoptive families, and the adopted child
  • Coffee groups, play groups, and social events so that both parents and children can socialise with others in a similar situation
  • Guest speakers, workshops, and education seminars covering topics specific to families experiencing open adoption
  • An extensive library of books and resources about open adoption

How is OPAN funded?

OPAN is a not for profit organisation and is funded by donations, fundraising, and member subscriptions.

How can I access their help?

You can access information about open adoption directly from the OPAN website, or you can contact them by phoning 09 3030300. Some of the services they offer are available for members only, and membership details are available on their website.

How much does it cost?

It is free to access information about open adoption through OPAN, however many of its other services can be accessed by members only. At the time of writing, annual membership for families in the Auckland area was $30, and $15 for families outside of the region. Individual membership was also $15.

Member privileges include use of the library, quarterly newsletter, coffee groups, workshops and social functions.

Link to New Zealand Open Adoption Network Website

The OPAN website has plenty of information about open adoption in New Zealand, and includes good links to websites, information and articles related to open adoption around the world. It also provides membership details, and a list of books in their library.

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