This is a super-simple craft that you can do for Halloween, or if your kids are studying spiders. The thing I liked best about making these paper plate spiders was just how easy it was for my 4 year old to create.

The paper plate web is an awesome creative play activity for building your child’s fine motor skills. And there is no end of enjoyment for your little ones when it comes to hole punching!

The really cool thing about this craft idea is that it’s a 2-for-1. You cut out the centre of a paper plate for one activity, and then use the cut-out piece for the second project, genius!

These are great for hanging in the window, or at the front door on Halloween. Or just make them to hang on your child’s wall or bedroom door.

How to make a Paper Plate Spider and Web

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders materials
You will need
A Paper plate
Resene test pot in Scotty Silver
Hole punch
2 pompoms
1 googly eye
1 pipe cleaner
Glue gun and glue

1. Cut out the inner circle of the paper plate.
Paper Plate Craft - Spiders plates

2. Use your hole punch to punch a set of holes around the inner circle.
Paper Plate Craft - Spiders holes
3. Paint the outside rim using Resene Scotty Silver.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders painted

4. Once the paint is dry, grab a piece of string for threading thought the holes. But before you start, to make it easier for you child, wrap a small piece of tape around the end of the wool. This will make pushing the wool through the holes super easy.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders circle legs (2)

5. Now weave the wool in a criss-cross pattern through the holes to make your own unique web (my child got a little carried away with the hole punching and criss-crossing, but that’s what it’s all about!).

per Plate Craft - Spiders web

6. To make the spider for your web, just grab two pompoms.

7. Cut your pipe cleaner into four strips.

8. To make the legs, hot glue two of the cut up pipe cleaners onto each pompom (see photo below).

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders 1

9. Now glue your body together and pop on an eye, or eyes.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders 2

10. Finally, glue your spider onto its web and attach a piece of string at the top for hanging.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders 2 (1)

How to Make a Paper Plate Spider

What you need
Paper plate
Resene test pot paint
Googly eyes
Glue stick
Glue gun and glue
2 pipe cleaners

What to do
1. Use the inner circle that you cut out of your spider web plate project above.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders circle

2. Paint your spider and let it dry. My son asked for hot crimson, with red legs, why not!

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders circle (1)

3. Glue some eyes on.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders circle legs

4. Cut the pipe cleaners in four and glue them to the back of the circle for the legs.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders circle legs (1)

5. Punch a hole at the top for a piece of string to go through to hang on the wall. If you like you can draw a little mouth on it too.

If you liked this craft idea, check out some more Halloween craft ideas.

Paper Plate Craft - Spiders circle legs (3)

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