Making a paper plate dinosaur with your little ones is a fun and easy rainy-day activity. Little ones love playing with paint and they love painting on anything that is not just plain paper.

I also like to try and use materials we have lying about the house as much as possible too. And this activity is a great way to use up those left over paper plates. We had some left over from my daughter’s recent birthday.

Here’s how to make a paper plate dinosaur.

How to Make a Paper Plate Dinosaur

You will need
Large paper plate
Toilet roll
Resene testpot paints (I used Green Meets Blue and Lickety Split)
Paint brush

What to do
1. Paint your plate using Green Meets Blue and Lickety Split. This is a great opportunity for your child to have some painting fun. If you have a younger child they will probably mix them together! If you like you can give them one colour first that they can paint the whole dinosaur with, then add the second colour and show them how to make splotches with their paint brush.

Paper Plate Dinosaur resene paint

2. For the feet we used small boxes from our My Food Bag spices. But you can use anything from toilet rolls to raisin boxes. While the plate is drying, cut a slit in the side of your small boxes this is where the edge of the plate will slip into.

Paper Plate Dinosaur feet

3. Paint the feet of your dinosaur using Green Meets Blue.

4. Once the plate is dry, cut it in half to create the body of your dinosaur

Paper Plate Dinosaur body

5. Take the other half of the plate and draw a head, a tail and triangular spikes on the back of it.
Paper Plate Dinosaur body (1)

6. Cut these out, or let your child cut them out if their confident with scissors, then glue them to the body of your dinosaur.
Paper Plate Dinosaur head

7. Finally paint, or draw, on some eyes and a mouth.
Paper Plate Dinosaur

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