The Parenting Place (formerly Parents Inc) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making life better for parents and their children, by offering a wide range of programmes to encourage and support parents. They aim to deliver parenting skills in user-friendly packages to as many people as possible, and to encourage, inspire, and equip families to be the best they can be.

What do they do?

The Parenting Place offers a range of programmes for both parents and adolescents, weekly ‘hot tips’ via email, family coaching, and a vast source of parenting resources in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, and their own Parenting magazine. In addition to their parenting programmes, they also offer talks to PTAs, teachers, and businesses. Their core programmes include:

Hot Tips Seminars

Are town or city-wide events designed to bring a community together. The seminars are organised by local voluntary committees who are encouraged to involve schools, service clubs, early-childhood organisations and churches in the ownership and promotion of the event. These events are fun, positive and practical, and are designed to really empower parents.

There are a range of Hot Tips Seminars including:

  • Hot Tips for Parents,
  • Hot Tips for Marriage and Relationships,
  • Hot Tips for Growing Boys,
  • Hot Tips for Raising Girls,
  • Hot Tips for Parenting Teenagers, and
  • Growing Great Kids – Hot Tips for Parents.
Toolbox Small Group Parenting Programmes

Toolbox is a six session, interactive small group parenting programme. Using videos, manuals and informal discussion, parents are given skills and insights which they can apply to their own situations. The material is well researched and creatively presented. It offers parents a ‘toolbox’ of strategies and gives them a sense of optimism about their family’s future. Tailored for parents of specific age groups, Early Years (0-6), Middle Years (6-12) and Teenage Years (12+), Toolbox courses are run by trained facilitators in homes and community venues throughout New Zealand.

No Sweat Parenting

No Sweat Parenting features television presenter, Pio Terei, and Parents Inc.’s John Cowan. While this creative parenting programme is geared toward Maori communities, Pakeha, Pacific and other cultures have found the event life changing. No Sweat Parenting is an innovative approach to parenting education and is unique in its ability to entertain, educate and touch the hearts of parents.

Attitude Youth Education

Attitude ‘Programmes for your Head’ work in New Zealand high schools to help build mental and emotional resilience through delivering essential information and challenging attitudes on sexual choices, drug and alcohol culture and family relationships.

Presented in a dynamic and humorous way by experienced youth communicators, these programmes stand alone in the quality of health education they deliver. Acknowledging the life-changing potential of the right messages during the teenage years, Attitude presentations address the issues underlying suicide and teenage depression, sexual choices and emotional intelligence. Attitude has been endorsed by teachers, principals and health professionals and is now the largest provider of high school health education nationwide, presenting to over 100,000 students each year.

What’s Happening – An Introduction to Puberty

One-evening presentations at Intermediate Schools for pupils and their parents on the emotional and physical changes that come with adolescence. Essential information is delivered in the context of warmth, humour, reassurance and values with special appreciation for the media-driven society young people must negotiate.

How is it funded?

Fundraising for The Parenting Place is sourced from a variety of areas including donations from individuals and families, grants from various trusts and community organisations, and operating revenue from books, seminars and speaking fees. Parents Inc was established through the generous support of five businesses who each contributed $30,000 each.

How can I get their help?

To find out what The Parenting Place programmes are available in your region, phone The Parenting Place National Office on 09 524 0025 or email Upcoming events are also listed on their website.

How much does it cost?

The Parenting Place programmes and resources vary in price, but they know that parents aren’t made of money – so nothing is too outrageous and worth every cent! To find out the cost of programmes in your area, phone the National Office on 09 524 0025, or contact the organiser of your local event by visiting the ‘Upcoming Events’ page on The Parenting Place website.

Link to Parents Inc Website

This website is a really in depth website which provides heaps of information about The Parenting Place courses and programmes, and gives you a good guide as to what you can expect. It has a great ‘Hot Tips’ library which gives you practical ideas for dealing with difficult times, and also an online store where you can purchase all sorts of useful resources like books, videos, CD’s and magazines.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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June Browne

Hi there. Having visited your child friendly cafe on the North Shore we are in awe of the place. We wonder if there were any plans for such a place out in the East. We are sure a child friendly cafe would do very well in or around the Botany area.

June Browne

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