Party accessories can change your child’s birthday party from a good party to a great one. Party accessories cover a wide range of items; ideas range  from invitations to plates (often in different sizes and shapes), cups, streamers and balloons; from tablecloths and candles to posters and napkins, and from hats to party favours to goody bags.

How much will party accessories cost in New Zealand? : At what age can you introduce party accessories? : How to choose party accessories

Although the choice is extensive, one of the best things about party accessories is that you can pick and choose what you want. You may only want enough accessories to decorate the table, so you don’t need to buy the hats and party favours, for example.

There are generic birthday accessories which will suit any age or gender, and then there are accessories which are designed specifically for boys or girls, and for each age from babies to teens. Then there are accessories based around a character or film or TV series or a book. In addition, there are new lines being released regularly, so there will always be something for everyone – even the most hard-to-please child.

Many of the accessories come in packs of 8 or 10; this can prove to be a bonus in disguise. The ones that were unused (or barely used) can be recycled for another child’s party if you want to, or used for a special kids lunch or dinner to “re-live” the party in the following weeks.

Decorations and tablecloths can also be reused. And you don’t have to wait for a party – you could also let the children play with them when they decide to have a picnic or throw a party for their toys.

There really is something extra special about the build-up to a birthday party that is accessorised to a theme. The anticipation begins with the sending of the invitations, then the birthday child and their siblings can be involved with the preparation of decorating the house or venue, filling the goody bags (if you choose to offer these), maybe helping with some of the food and getting the games ready.

An accessorised table and a decorated room is usually a pretty cool sight, with everything matching and offering what could loosely be termed as ‘a visual symphony’.

How much will Party Accessories cost in NZ ?

This will be influenced by how many items you choose to buy. You can start small and maybe just order the tablecloth and some napkins, or maybe just the birthday banner (some online sites may have a minimum order required and you’ll need to be aware of the postage costs). Items range in price, starting as low as a few dollars for balloons up to $124.00 for a Birthday Super Pack including just about everything you can think of (prices may vary and are an example only).

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At what age can you introduce Party Accessories?

Basically, you can start before your child is born (!). There is a lovely range of party accessories available for a baby shower and an even wider choice when it comes to celebrating your baby’s first birthday. From then on, you can pretty much have an accessorised birthday for every year of the child’s life (well, up until they leave home!) if you (or they!) want.

How to choose Party Accessories?

Aside from budget considerations, your choice will most likely be influenced by your child’s current interests or favourite characters. If they don’t have anything they are particularly passionate about, then there will always be something to choose from in the generic range, such as pirate or fairies.

Alternatively, if you take the time to sit with them and go through the relevant websites, or (even more fun!) venture out to your local party supply store to explore some of the options, they will probably find something that will spark their interest and their enthusiasm will grow from there.

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