Learning any performing art is a great way to encourage confidence and self expression in your child. The performing arts are about passion and creativity.

For those parents who have ever had the pleasure of being involved in some aspect of the performing arts, you will understand the excitement of performing before an audience, the euphoria of creating a dance, a character or a song. Giving your child the opportunity to express themselves through musicals, dance and theatre is like giving them the key to a whole new world.

It’s not about being the best, or the most professional, it’s about allowing your child the opportunity to take a musical interest or inspiration and create some outlet of expression which cannot be measured in any term other than their satisfaction and their sense of accomplishment.

Picking the Right Performing Art

Dance holds a place in many a child’s heart – for both boys and girls. There is a wide variety of dance genres to explore – tap, ballet, contemporary, jazz, Irish dancing and ethnic dance – as New Zealand’s cultural base continues to diversify.

Or perhaps theatre. Many centres now have childrens theatre, where young actors and performers have the opportunity to develop theatrical skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

As New Zealand boasts a strong performing arts sector, no matter where you live, your child has the opportunity to dip their creative toe in this country’s abundantly creative waters.

When to Start Learning a Performing Art

Any ballet class will include little tots running around a hall in brightly coloured tutus. When it comes to dance, if they’re mobile they can give it a go. No matter how young, a child can only be inspired by watching an older pupil perform to the best of their ability.

Parents can be encouraged that their child is never too young or too old to try their creative hand at any aspect of the performing arts. Many a dancer started soon after they could walk competently. Many an actor didn’t walk on stage until much later in life.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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