Here is another great use for those old Pringle tubes you end up with. They are the perfect size for your felts, pens and coloured pencils. So why not recycle them into this neat star-themed stationery holder or desk organiser.

I love the opportunity to recycle anything that comes into the home, whether that be sorting recycling from the waste, composting, or even turning waste into something useful!

This is a really simple craft idea, that even your youngest of crafters can tackle. This version has a shooting star concept, but let kids’ imagination go on this one. Glitter is great, or even stick on stars for small hands, for older kids and tweens you could try adding this awesome Southern Lights star effect.

Recycled Stationery Holder-with pens

Recycled Stationery Holder

You will need:
A large Pringle tube (or other cardboard tube with a lid)
Resene test pot in Deep Space
A paint brush
Star stickers
PVA (or craft) glue

What to do:
1. Paint the tube all over in Resene Deep Space. Leave to dry and then give it a second coat (even a third coat for a nice, deep colour).

Recycled Pencil Tube 4

2. Paint glue on to your star stickers and sprinkle glitter all over them for extra shiny joy! Let it dry for a short time.

Recycled Pencil Tube 5

3. When the stars are dry, peel them off and stick them randomly onto your tube.

Recycled Pencil Tube 7

4. Using the craft glue draw some lines coming out of the stars and then sprinkle glitter over the glue, and shake off the excess. Set aside to dry.

Recycled Pencil Tube 6

5. When it’s all dry fill your newly recycled stationery holder or desk organiser with all those loose pens, pencils and felts.

For an extra level of pop that kids will love, you could use glow in the dark craft glue, so their stationery holder really pops at night! For literally hundreds of other crafting ideas, check out our creative arts and crafts for school age kids.

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