Calling all aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on an out-of-this-world adventure, I think you’re going to love this cool little space-inspired iceblock stick craft.

With a few ice block sticks, some pipe cleaners, and test pot paints from Resene, This little craft idea is a cosmic masterpiece that’s sure to ignite your little one’s imagination. Iceblock sticks are easy to paint for little hands, and you can make so many different craft ideas with them.

And if your children are interested in space or rockets, or just like to gaze up at the stars, then they’ll find plenty of crafty inspiration here.

Rocket Ship Craft with Iceblock Sticks

You will need

4 large iceblock sticks
2 normal size ice block sticks
Resene test pots paint in Metallic Obelisk, Scotty Silver, Metallic Copper Fire and Metallic Zoop De Loop
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Thin cardboard
Pipe cleaners in red, orange and blue
A paintbrush

What to do

1 Paint two of your jumbo iceblock sticks Zoop De Loop and 2 in Copper Fire. Paint the normal sized iceblock sticks in Scotty Silver.

Rocket iceblock craft 1

2 When they are dry glue the small ice block sticks across your 4 jumbo sticks. Glue one near the top and one near the bottom. This will hold them together.

Rocket iceblock craft 2

3.Paint a piece of thin cardboard in Zoop De Loop. We used a piece of card from an old cereal box. This will become the triangle on top of your rocket so make sure it’s big enough to fit.

Rocket iceblock craft 3

4. When the cardboard is dry cut out the triangle for the top and two circles for windows. We painted our circles with  Obelisk to give them a dark tinge.

5. Hot glue the triangle to the top of the rocket, and then glue a circle in the triangle and one onto the base of the rocket. I also glued on a smaller piece of pipe cleaner around the window just to make them pop.

6. Cut out 9 strips of pipe cleaners and glue them to the back of the rocket so it looks like fire coming out of the boosters.
Rocket iceblock craft 4

7. If you have any stickers lying around pop something in the window. We found some funny alien stickers and stuck that in one of the windows of our rocket ship.

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