Sometimes I am so surprised at how one little craft project can open up a world of play and revive olds toys that haven’t been touched for awhile.

This shoebox car park craft did just that. Once it was finished the placement of it on our old road mat brought new life to it, and so far they’ve been playing with it for the whole week! My son diligently set up a new scene each evening before bed so he can play again in the morning with it before school.

I’m also amazed at how some crafts are just as enjoyable for the kids as if I had gone out and bought them a brand new toy!

You know it’s nice to have new things but what this play reminded me of is that kids don’t really need new flashy toys. They have everything in their imaginations. and I swear my children have had just as much fun playing with this car park as they would if I had gone and bought them one from the store…

Shoebox Car Park Craft

What you need
2 Shoeboxes one with a folding lid and the other to cut up
2 Cardboard rolls or toilet rolls
Paints (we used Resene test pots in Norwester, Candy floss and Half Duck Egg Blue)
Hot glue gun and glue
Paint pen in White
A Black Marker

What to do
1. Paint the inside of your 1st shoebox and the folding lid, and just the lid of your 2nd shoebox in Resene Norwester. And paint your cardboard rolls in Candy Floss. Set aside to dry.

shoebox car park craft Resene Norwest

shoebox car park craft Resene Candy floss

2. While the inside is drying paint the outside of the rolls in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue (which is like a light blue gray).

shoebox car park craft Resene

3. If your paint has dried with your second shoebox cut the lid you have painted in half. One half will become the base for the ramp to be glued on, and the other half will become the ramp.

4. Cut a door into the front of your shoe box leaving the bottom attached.

shoebox car park craft door

5. To make the ramp hot glue one side of the ramp to the top flap of your shoebox and the bottom to the lid you cut in half.

shoebox parking craft ramp

6. If your cardboard rolls are dry measure them to the back of your shoebox lid and mark where you need to cut them. A little tip is to cut them a tiny bit shorter so that when you glue them on, the lid flap has a downward slope to the edge of the box lid sides. This will stop the cars from rolling off the second floor.

shoebox car park craft feet

7. Use your glue gun to stick them in place underneath the lid.

8. Once you have glued your car park together you can decorate it. Use your black marker to write ‘parking’ on the front. If you have a white paint pen draw in some parking lines, arrows and centre lines. Or just use a black marker.

shoebox car park craft

Now all that’s left is to add your kids’ imagination… I hope you enjoyed making this craft, and for hundreds more crafting ideas, check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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