If you’ve been following our crafts section this year you might have seen a few projects using iceblock sticks. I decided to do a Christmas themed craft this time around, and made this adorable snowman craft!

This really easy, yet charming creation is perfect for kids of all ages and could make a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations this year. I love to festoon our tree with all sorts of crafts our kids have made over the years.

For this project, with just a few ice block sticks, some googly eyes, and a touch of paint, you’ll have a jolly snowman ready to spread festive cheer in no time.

Like all our iceblock stick craft projects, this craft is great for little hands. Painting the sticks isn’t too messy, but you’ll still want to cover your work surface. And make sure you have a jar with water on hand to clean out the paint brush between colours.

You will need

6 large iceblock sticks
Resene test pots in White, Metallic Sputnik and Grenadier
Cardboard (optional)
2 googly eyes
Hot glue and gun

What to do

    1. Paint 5 of the iceblock sticks in White. You may want to let them dry and add another coat of white.
    2. When the sticks are dry, paint the top third of your iceblocks in the Sputnik. Also paint the 6th iceblock stick in Sputnik; this will become the brim of your snowman’s hat.

Snowman Ice Block Stick Craft-painting sticks

    1. Lay the 5 iceblock sticks down on a flat surface, with the Sputnik colour at the top. Now glue the back of the 6th iceblock stick and place it horizontally where the white paint meets the dark colour. We placed ours on a slight angle as if the top hat is sitting at an angle.

Snowman Ice Block Stick Craft-glue on hat

    1. Glue on 2 googly eyes.
    2. Cut out a small triangle nose shape and paint it in Grenadier, and hot glue this on (or you could just paint the nose straight onto the snowman body too).
    3. Paint, or draw, on a small mouth any colour you like, we painted our mouth in blue.

Snowman Ice Block Stick Craft-painted smile

You may want to glue on some string on the back so that you can hang your snowman from a door, or on the Christmas tree.

For hundreds more craft ideas, including more using iceblock sticks, check out our School age: creative arts and crafts section.

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