Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than by crafting your own creepy crawlies? Try out these spiders made from iceblock sticks.

This simple yet fun spider craft is perfect for kids of all ages and will make a great addition to your Halloween decorations. With just a few ice block sticks, some googly eyes, and a touch of black paint, you’ll have a furry arachnid ready to spin its web in no time!

So gather your iceblock sticks and glue, and watch your kids have a blast transforming these into a fearsome eight-legged friend.

Spider Iceblock stick craft

You will need
15 Iceblock sticks
Resene test pot in Black
Googly eyes
Resene test pot in White (or white paint pen)
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Soft card

What to do
1. Cut out a rectangle from the cardboard, slightly smaller than 7 of your iceblock sticks placed together. Hot glue the card on to the iceblock sticks. This will form the body of your spider.
Spider iceblock stick craft-cardboard backing
2. Once the glue has dried, turn the iceblock sticks over and paint the body Black. Then paint the 8 individual sticks black as well, these will make the legs. We gave ours 2 coats of paint, so they were nice and dark.
Spider iceblock craft-paint
3. When your spider is dry, turn it over again and hot glue the legs of your spider to the bottom.
Spider iceblock craft-glue
4. Add 2 googly eyes to the front and paint on a mouth using the white paint, or draw on with a paint pen).
Spider iceblock craft-eyes

You could glue some string on the back so that you can hang your spiders from the door, or hang them in a spider web made from string!

For hundreds more craft ideas, including more using iceblock sticks, check out our School age: creative arts and crafts section.

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