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The Spirit of Adventure Youth Development Voyage is the highly sought after 10 day programme for 15- 19 year olds. NZ students may apply either through their school or directly through the Trust.

To survive this challenge a trainee needs to be looking for fun, friendship and personal development. The voyage strategy or approach is to give trainees the chance to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, concerns and aspirations. They have the opportunity to gain skills of leadership, tolerance, communication, teamwork and overcome challenges. This in turn gives them a better understanding of others.

The Spirit of New Zealand ship is based in Auckland and sails 340 days of the year. This busy schedule includes 10 day Youth Development Voyages, 5 day Spirit Trophies for year 10 teams, 5 day Physically Disabled voyage, Public Sails and Corporate Sails. The Spirit of Adventure Trust has challenged and inspired over 50,000 young New Zealanders since 1974.

The fee for a 10-day youth development voyage is $1800 including a travel subsidy for those living more than 150km away from the ship.

The Trust offers a full grant or partial subsidy on application to families facing financial difficulties

  • Full grant of $1710 bringing the voyage fee down to just $90.
  • Partial subsidy of $450 bringing the voyage fee down to $1350.

The Trust gratefully receives support from many groups and organisations to sponsor young people onto a voyage and to help us provide financial assistance to young New Zealanders.

For more information, email info@spiritofadventure.org.nz or phone 09 373 2060.

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