We are busy home schooling at the moment while the country and the world is trying to contain COVID-19. This week the theme is Pirates, so what better craft than creating our very own pet Parrot to sit on our arm! Pirates is a great theme not only for homeschooling but for Pirate birthday party ideas too.

If you are busy home schooling at the moment you can look at map making, creating secret codes for maths, designing boats and seeing if things sink or float for science, or creating ‘wanted’ pirate posters for writing practice.

Toilet roll craft or kitchen towel rolls are such an easy material to use for crafts with your kids. They’re free, and can be made into a hundred and one different things!

Toilet Roll Craft – How To Make A Parrot

You will need
Toilet paper rolls
Resene test pot paint
Paint Brush
Yellow paper or just some scrap paper coloured yellow
Googly eyes (optional)
Pipe cleaner
Hole punch (if your don’t have one a nail or something sharp to poke a hole)
PVA glue
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Masking tape

What to do

1. First tape the top third of your toilet roll with masking tape.
TP Roll Parrot tape

2. Using a bright bold colour of your choice paint the bottom part of your roll. My daugther painted her body a mix of Resene Funtasia and Endeavour. And I used Resene test pots in Kermit .

3. Once the bottom paint is dry you can remove your masking tape and put a piece on the lower half.
TP Roll Parrot painted

4. Paint the head of your Parrot a different colour we used Resene test pots in Candy Floss
pet Parrot head

5. Here you can choose to use googly eyes, or for older kids, draw and cut out your own eyes and beak from scrape paper. I really love these creatively drawn eyes my daughter made! Once they are drawn up cut them out and glue them on with PVA glue.

pet Parrot eyes

6. Using your hot glue gun (you can use PVA glue, it just takes longer for the feathers to stick) glue some feathers on the side for wings, on the top of the head, and at the back for a tail.
TP roll parrot pet

7. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the lower side of your parrot. Then punch one on the opposite side. These holes will be used to thread your pipe cleaner through.
pipe cleaner

8. Lastly, thread your pipe cleaner through and attach your parrot to your arm by twisting the pipe cleaner around your arm. ‘Arrragggh, dat be a Pirate’s parrot for sure!’


If you enjoyed making this creation be sure to check out hundreds of other craft ideas in our Creative arts and crafts section. And if your are doing a pirate theme day you might like to check out our telescope craft.

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