With the Māori new year Matariki soon upon us again, my thoughts turn to the sky and to the stars.

And as there is a season for all of us, my daughter is moving on from the childhood play toys to the more mature and experimental uses of jewellery and makeup!  So today we are making a Matariki-inspired jewellery holder with a star design, so she can begin displaying her newest treasures.

This is a great craft idea for older children, tweens and teens.

Upcycled Jewellery Holder

You will need:
An old picture frame (I picked these up from an op shop for $1 each)
Necklace wire (or garden wire, or even fishing nylon)
Star stickers
Hot glue gun and glue
Resene test pots in Yeehaa and Deep Space
Resene Quick Dry Primer
Paint brush
A thin strip of card
Small D hook for hanging

What to do
1. Head to a second hand store or op-shop, and buy an old frame.

DIY Jewellery Holder 1

2. Give your frame a quick scuff with the sandpaper and paint your frame using the primer, then let it dry. The Resene Quick Dry Primer I used was perfect for these old native timber frames.
DIY Jewellery Holder 2

3. Using Resene Yeehaa paint your whole frame. You will need to give it two coats. But allow it to dry completely between coats. Wash your brush out.

DIY Jewellery Holder 3

4. Once both coats are dry stick the stars randomly over one half of your frame.

DIY Jewellery Holder 4

5. Now grab your Resene Deep Space and paint this over the half of the frame with star stickers on it. Give this two coats too, remembering to let it dry between coats.

DIY Jewellery Holder 5

6. When the Deep Space coat is dry, carefully peel off the stars to reveal the blue underneath.

DIY Jewellery Holder 6

7. Turn the frame over. Decide how many pieces of wire you are going to attach to your jewellery holder and then cut enough wire to reach across the width of the frame. I used 3 pieces of wire for my frame, and with a larger frame you could do more.

8. Tear off two small strips of card per wire. This will be used to place over the hot glued wire. (See picture below)

9. Using the hot glue gun stick your wire to the edge of the frame, and push the card over the top. Make sure the wire is covered with the glue, but also taught against the frame to prevent sag.

DIY Jewellery Holder 7

10. Drill in a small D hook for hanging the frame.

DIY Jewellery Holder 8

11. Lastly hang your new jewellery hanger on the wall. Select your very best display jewellery to hang, and marvel at your awesome DIY skills!

DIY Jewellery Holder 11

If you like making this craft be sure to check out the other fun craft ideas for tweens and teens.

Upcycled Jewellery Holder

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