ASICS has launched a unique new program designed to engage and encourage children through their athletic journey.

Does your child love the fast-paced nature of netball, aspire to bat like the cricket pros, dream of scoring tries in rugby, or strive to perfect their hockey game?

The Movement Coach program introduces your child to professional athletes who are all fantastic role models. They include international cricketer Kane Williamson, fan-favourite netballer Katrina Rore (nee Grant), rugby playmaker Richie Mo’unga, and hockey legend Stacey Michelsen.

Each of these athletes is an icon in their sport and realise the impact they have on the younger generation. They place significant importance on giving back to those who look up to them the most by sharing their insight and positive approach.

This program is a great way for your child to receive periodic encouragement and to learn from a pro with tips from their selected Movement Coach. It’s a simple sign up process in which your child is asked two key questions – what is their primary movement goal and why do they move. After identifying what they find most important to them they’re welcomed to the team by their new virtual coach who will continue to check in with them by email over the following 8 weeks.

From tips for being their game-day best to a reminder of how important a good breakfast is, the emails contain keys for being the best athlete your child can be. In addition, they’re reminded of the goal they chose and encouraged to stick with it.

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The Coaches

Raised in a sporting family Kane Williamson knew he wanted to play cricket since childhood. He showed talent from a young age and quickly worked his way to the top, competing in the World Cup at 17 and going on to captain the New Zealand team at just 25. Now ranked amongst the top batsmen in the world and the country’s most prolific test century maker, he continues to push the limits of the game.

Katrina Rore set her sights firmly on netball and never looked back. Earning gold and silver medals in the Commonwealth Games and playing for a number of successful teams she was named ANZ Premiership Player of the Year in 2018. Her constant push to improve and work through the tough times has led to a career as a top leader who always has her sights set on the next achievement in her sport.

As one of the countries rising rugby stars, Richie Mo’unga pushes himself to train harder and smarter. After stellar performances in Super Rugby, his hard work paid off when he was selected to play in the 2018 Rugby Championship where he finished as one of the highest points-scorers. He went on to be named Super Rugby player of the year after helping guide the Crusaders to back-to-back titles.

Known for her focus and commitment to training, Stacey Michelsen is a true leader in the game of hockey. Named Young Player of the Year in 2012 by the International Hockey Federation she’s now been playing professionally for 10 years, placing her firmly in the ranks with the best. After working through injury she didn’t let the setback disrupt her game. In 2018 she led her team to a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games, a first for New Zealand hockey.

Join the Team with ASICS Movement Coaches

Which team will your child choose?

Having fun is crucial to your child’s likelihood of remaining active in sports and one of the ways to maintain their engagement is by introducing them to positive influences.

ASICS aims to up the fun levels by ensuring they receive support and positive reinforcement on the journey leading to them developing a love for sport and physical activity. The goal is to leave a lasting impression that creates good habits for a continued active and healthy lifestyle.

Find out more and sign up your child now

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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