New Zealand has some amazing parenting experts, and some equally amazing writers. This combo makes for some really great family magazines. Check out our list of the 9 best parenting magazines in New Zealand.
We’ve compiled a list of some of the best parenting magazines in New Zealand. Some are free, and some are subscription based. Some are a mix of hardcopy and digital, and others are only available online.

Each publication targets different ages and stages of the parenting journey, and some have more ‘lifestyle’ content than others, but they’re all really high-quality publications with top-quality advice. 

We have seen a few great New Zealand parenting magazines go out of print over the years. So help support these awesome homegrown publishers, while increasing your own parenting knowledge to help reach your #parentingpotential. 

Tots to Teens magazine  

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Tots to Teens

Tots to Teens magazine is officially New Zealand’s largest circulating parenting magazine. They issue around 450,000 magazines each year, mostly through New Zealand schools and early childhood centers.

The magazine is completely free, which makes it quite unique. And for a free publication, it’s a really well written magazine. The articles in Tots to Teens are entertaining, and very high quality, with a uniquely Kiwi flavour. And there’s heaps of content dedicated to kids directly, which makes it an all round good read for the family.

Tots to Teens includes great tips and parenting advice, schooling advice, and good articles on issues impacting your children, especially through the tricky ages of 10 through to teenagers. And this is one of the real strengths of the magazine, many other parenting magazines tend to focus on the initial childhood years. 

Family Times magazine

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Family Times

The Family Times magazine is distributed in the same way as Tots to Teens. It’s entirely free, and is distributed through schools and early childhood centres throughout New Zealand.

Family times celebrates the stages of growing up and all the tough issues facing parents. There’s plenty of expert knowledge and advice on offer. And parents share their own stories and the lessons they’ve learnt, which makes it very real.

The Family Times magazine has some great articles, and includes lots of great competitions and extra fun stuff for kids. As a free publication it’s really good quality, and tends to get read well from cover to cover. 

OHbaby! magazine

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-OH baby

The award winning OHbaby! magazine has been around since 2001 and caters to the needs of all New Zealand’s new mothers and mothers-to-be. It’s a lovely magazine that’s been inspiring Kiwi Mums for decades. 

OH Baby! understands that becoming a mother is an important role in a woman’s life. And they say they’re here to encourage, inspire, empower and inform Mums to embrace motherhood as an integral, but not exclusive, identity as woman.

The magazine is full of lifestyle content, such as fashion, beauty, fitness, health and well-being, and recipes, etc. And this content is a strong part of it’s offering. But it also has plenty of parenting hacks and tips, as well as a panel of experts providing information on all topics relating to pregnancy, birth, and babies, including conception through to early childhood.

OH Baby! magazine claims a readership of more than 90,000 and you can purchase OH Baby! from most supermarkets and magazine shops, or grab yourself a subscription via iSubscription.co.nz.

Kiwi Parent magazine

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Kiwi Parent

Kiwi parent magazine is brought to you by the awesome people at Parents Centre Aotearoa.

Parent Centre is a bit of an institution in New Zealand. They are a not-for-profit who provide face-to-face and online parenting classes and courses throughout the country. And their organisation works with some of the country’s best psychologists, counsellors, midwifes, and other parenting experts. 

Kiwi Parent magazine is a mix of articles and information that Parents Centre has compiled overtime, as well as up-to-date information and techniques about pregnancy, babies, parenting and modern family living. You can subscribe to the magazine directly from their website.

Pregnancy Bump and Baby

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Pregnancy Bump and Baby


Pregnancy Bump and Baby is a subscription based magazine brought to you by the same publishers as Tots to Teens magazine. Unlike the Tots to teens magazine, Pregnancy Bump and Baby isn’t a free publication.

The magazine is billed as New Zealand’s only pregnancy title, which we do find a little bit odd as OH Baby! magazine is definitely a pregnancy title, and has been around much longer, so this feels a little bit misleading.

That said Pregnancy Bump and Baby is all about celebrating motherhood in Aotearoa New Zealand. So it’s great to see another title targeting New Zealand Mums-to-be, and it is a good-quality magazine. You can purchase a subscription online from iSubscribe.co.nz,  or you can pick one up from most supermarkets and magazine stores.

The Natural Parent magazine

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Kiwi Parent

The Natural Parent magazine is a beautiful publication, that is the original conscious parenting magazine for Australia and New Zealand Parents.

Natural Parent magazine is full of information about parenting support, pregnancy, and birth. As well as dedicated lifestyle content like maternity fashion, new-age parenting, nutrition and wellbeing, craft, travel and more.

The publishers say they love to support lots of arty creative craft and delicious things you can try at home. You’ll find articles from bed wetting to superfood smoothies, from new-age behavioural techniques, to nutritious meals for kids.

You’ll find Natural Parent magazine at all good supermarkets and magazines stores right throughout New Zealand and Australia. One of the cool things about the magazine is you can also purchase a digital subscription from their website, which is kinder on your pocket and the environment. Check it out here

Mindful Parenting magazine

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Kiwi Parent

Similar in vibe to The Natural Parent magazine, this is a magazine dedicated to conscious parenting. Mindful Parenting bills itself as your essential self-care companion, inviting you to slow down, take a well deserved moment for yourself, and explore who you are in and outside of being a parent. Sounds idyllic.

Just like the Natural Parent magazine, Mindful Parenting is a beautiful magazine to read, full of great parenting advice and tips, as well as lots of lifestyle content around well-being, nutrition, exercise, fashion and all that good new-age living.

We’re not entirely certain if Mindful Parenting is still in print. There is a recent issue released, so that makes 15 issues so far. However, the editor has suggested there may not be any further editions. So don’t rush out and buy a subscription to this one, but you should check out the back issues, which you can still purchase, as Mindful Parenting had some great information in it. You can purchase back issues from their website.

Multiples Aotearoa magazine 

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Multiples Aotearoa

The Multiples Aotearoa magazine is brought to you by Multiples NZ, an awesome not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to providing information and advice to families with twins, triplets, quadruplets, and more.

The Multiples Aotearoa magazine is produced quarterly, and is available for free on their website at multiples.org.nz. It was part of the annual membership of Multiples NZ, but now the magazine is just available for anyone, for free. Very cool.

Even though the first 4 multiples NZ as well as the magazine, is for information and advice for sickly for families with multiples advice that is useful for all parents and families. With lots of expert tips and advice, thoughts on living in a modern family, and real stories from the community, this magazine is full of great information for all families. Check it out at Multiples NZ

Kiwi Families newsletter

Best New Zealand parenting magazines-Kiwi Families

It would be remiss of us not to include our own ‘magazine’ in the mix with these amazing New Zealand publications. The Kiwi families newsletter is entirely free and delivered weekly to your inbox. Each week the Kiwi families newsletter is packed full of practical advice for pregnant Mums, new parents, and families with children aged 0 through to 18.

Each week we release a new feature article as well as covering a specific parenting topic. And every edition includes great competitions, recipes, arts and craft, travel and more!

Our weekly newsletter is totally free and you can sign up for it now, and start receiving parenting tips straight away, Join Kiwi Families.

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