Chrysalis Early Learning Centre is a ground breaking, unique concept in early childcare education, designed and developed by owners – husband and wife team, Dr Darius and Nikeeta Singh. Five years ago, the Singhs had the vision of an inspirational family environment involving learning and fun for their own children. Since their dream and vision, they have been spending almost every waking hour designing the centre’s unique environment for children. They have now created one of the most talked about, personalised, inspirational and highest quality early childhood education centres in Auckland.

Having gained over a decade of experience in the ECE sector and met with hundreds of parents (listening to their concerns and wishlists) over this time, Nikeeta became convinced of key philosophies and unique learning styles in a family-centred and warm environment. Supported by her husband (a former university Professor who currently serves as an Executive Board Member of the NZ Early Childhood Council), she decided to start up a childcare business to pursue their shared dream – to develop an innovative and inspirational early child hood education centre in NZ that they would be proud sending their own children to.  The ultimate litmus test.

“…We firmly believe that our quality, performance and trusted reputation depends on strong and balanced family foundations, and so our entire foundation for Chrysalis grows out of our core philosophies from which our values, vision, mission and outcomes become visible to you and your child every day and in every way…”

Some of the innovative features of Chrysalis Early Learning Centre include:

  • An innovative and spacious Pacific/Kiwi inspired play garden, edible garden & fruit orchard with an outdoor area that is more than twice the Ministry standard.

Chrysalis Early Learning Centre

  • An endless discovery maze around a giant cocoon tree house
  • A growing Chrysalis orchard where children can pick fruit year round
  • A newly invented and award winning online learning visualisation tool where every learning outcome for each child is plotted as leaves growing on the curriculum based branches on their own individual tree. Parents and families can log into and click any leaf to open the learning story for their child. This is an exclusive tool for Chrysalis.   ERO and MOE have spoken highly about the ease of communication this tool creates between parents and teachers.

Chrysalis Early Childhood Centre

  • Laser starlight projecting the Milky Way Galaxy & Moon in the ceilings of sleep rooms (since the dawn of time we have never had total darkness, but always had starlight and moonlight around us when we sleep).

Chrysalis Early Learning Centre

  • Giant floor to ceiling cocoon walk in play structures inside.

Chrysalis Early Learning Centre

  • A uniquely sustainable centre utilising solar power, rainwater recycling tank saving tens of thousands of litres a year & many more environmentally friendly features.

Chrysalis Early Learning Centre

  • This centre is an architectural masterpiece, magically transformed into an inspiring and imaginative place for children, teachers and parents!

Chrysalis Early Learning Centre

Chrysalis care:

All meals provided (morning tea, cooked lunch, afternoon tea, late snack). Meals are nutritious and very popular with the children with vegetarian, Halal and other special dietary needs catered for. Chrysalis Early Learning Centre has even published their very own 40 page cookbook containing the children’s most popular meals.

Chrysalis teacher/child ratios:

Higher than MOE requirements for added attention, learning observations, and safety.

Chrysalis teachers:

Friendly, open, experienced, qualified, YOUR SUPPORTING TEAM for your child’s first learning journeys.

Chrysalis preschool/school-readiness programme:

  • We have a dedicated preschool wing with major investments into focussed resources for our transition to school program. This is a proven programme in all our centres that gives our 4-5 year olds the very best head start for their entire journey through school.
  • Our patented online invention and industry award winning “Learning Roots and Shoots” is at its best for our transition to school program. This is leading edge in NZ, Australia, USA, and UK and exclusive to our Chrysalis children only.
  • We have very good relationships with nearby primary schools (Avondale Primary School, Rosebank Primary School, St Mary’s Primary School & Waterview Primary School).

Chrysalis’ reputation:

  • 2014 FINALIST for “Excellence in Innovation” in the Westpac Business Awards (West Auckland)
  • 2014 Excellent ERO (Education Review Office) report for our sister centre in Blockhouse Bay recently: “The experienced centre owners have established effective management and governance systems and lead a team of well qualified and experienced staff. Good teacher-to-child ratios support children’s development as capable, competent learners.” Chrysalis will have its first ERO review within the first year and is set to repeat the successes of its two other nationally award winning sister centres to date.
  • 2014: The Chrysalis Group opened another sister centre when they won a nationwide tender to provide EXCLUSIVE childcare services to families in a multi-national firm headquartered in Auckland CBD. A reassuring testament to their highest quality and standards aimed for.
  • 2013: they won a 2013 NZ Commercial Building Award in their sister centre in Blockhouse Bay for innovative designs and high levels of sustainability in their learning environments.
  • 2013: they won the inaugural 2013 Early Childhood Council / Telecom Innovation & Improvement Award (judged by the NZ Early Childhood Council, Ministry of Education, NZ Business Excellence Foundation and Telecom NZ) for their patented online invention “Learning Roots and Shoots” (click here to see our unique learning advantage EXCLUSIVE to Chrysalis children).
  • 2012 Excellent ERO (Education Review Office) report for their sister childcare centre in Tauranga: “Centre owners provide highly effective governance and management that is responsive to staff and families’ aspirations…..The identified priorities of ‘imagination and inspiration, innovation, partnership and sustainability’, along with, focused strategic direction and prudent financial management, are promoting positive outcomes for children.”

Chrysalis’ partnerships:

  • Active member of the NZ Early Childhood Council
  • Member of the Rosebank Business Association, based in Rosebank Rd, Avondale
  • Supporter of their local community in Avondale (most of Chrysalis’ suppliers are from Rosebank Road)
  • Strong partnerships with local Avondale schools, students and whanau in designing their unique Pasifica/Kiwi “play-garden”.

Chrysalis’ fees:

  • Affordable and competitive fees
  • Support available with 20 ECE hours subsidy for over 3 year olds as well as WINZ approved for all ages
  • Special sibling rates
  • Special local business rates for Rosebank Business Association members
  • Special rates for families already enrolled in local schools (primary/intermediate/college).

“… We started with our basic motto which is ‘Honouring the past…Visioning the future'”, says Nikeeta, ” Soon, one thing led to another and we found ourselves designing a building concept never seen before with rooms that look like the inside of a cocoon, and with sleep rooms under the soft twinkling starlight of Milky Way constellations and we even went as far as designing a traditional Kiwi & Pacific village inspired outdoors ‘play-garden’. We then jumped into the future and continued to add personal touches and modern learning centre facilities like audio visual systems, children’s IT area,  KIDCAM for parents to view our rooms from reception, and online learning portfolios with our patent pending Learning Roots and Shoots that easily visualises outcomes in children. These things and more would make any parent wish they could go back in time and relive kindy all over again and its these personal wishlists together with our fantastic teachers that we hope will make Chrysalis Childcare become one of the most talked about early learning centres in NZ…”
You can find out more about Chrysalis Early Learning Centre  by calling (09) 964 0514 or visiting them at the corner of Jomac/Rosebank Rds in Avondale for a tour like you’ve never seen before.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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