Crafting is always more fun and meaningful when it is shared with the ones you love. Kids are natural tinkerers but here are a few tips and tricks to help your crafting times become even more special:

  1. Be prepared; it is going to get messy! Make sure you cover your work surfaces with newspaper, or even better, craft outside when you can.
  2. Allow them to explore their own creativity. Adults have an expectation of what things should look like, however little ones are still exploring. Showing disappointment or telling them they are doing it wrong will not build confidence in what they are doing. Rather, ask them about their completed craft and you may be surprised at their logic!
  3. Keep things simple. If a craft has complicated parts, break it down to the simplest level. Fine motor skills are still developing for children, so small intricate things can be a little tricky. Splitting the craft into things that your child can do on their own, and those that they will need a little help with is therefore recommended. Life’s best moments are often spent being together working side by side.
  4. Practise does help. If you notice your child is frustrated with what they are achieving, encourage them to practice first, or draw their ideas on paper. Children often rush into a craft in excitement, so slowing them down can be helpful. Some children get things right first time around, while others need a few tries before they achieve the desired result.
  5. Take pictures while your child is having fun. A collection of photographs will allow you to keep the memory alive, even after the collection of craft items find their way into the recycle bin.

Here is a great craft to make with the kids. Most items can be found around your home and the best part is that the kids get to play with it afterwards!

craft with kids

Craft with kids: Popsicle Stick Catapult

Materials required

  • 7 popsicle sticks
  • Milk Bottle cap or any other cape you have around
  • Elastic bands (bandees work a treat!)
  • Glue (we recommend quick dry craft glue)
  • Pom poms for firing!

craft with kids

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Originally from South Africa and qualified as a Charted Accountant, Kirsty got the creative bug after her 2nd child was born. Kirsty and her husband now run The Make Company - offering craft classes and supplies in Christchurch.

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