The holidays are on and so is the mess in our lounge. I have got a great way to keep the kids busy and inspired and the mess, hopefully, limited.

These holidays, our lounge is turning into a Science Hub. Let’s explore together, we’ll create a science corner with daily challenges from our little kiwi scientists homepage.

The science activity ideas below can be set up and enjoyed for just an hour, or you could spend a good half a day exploring the concepts.

Just have fun doing it!

Holiday science challenges – Let’s explore

Day 1 Survivor

Imagine you’re stranded on ‘Newspaper Island’ and you have nothing else than one pair of clothes, plenty of food & lots of newspaper. What would you create? … Have a look here to see some ideas.

Day 2 How to hack an umbrella?

Choose a broken item around your house. It could be an umbrella or any other broken item. Enjoy your science space and get creative. See what you can make with it! See some ideas here.

Day 3 Explore solutions for an Oil spill disaster

Fill a container with water and a little bit of oil. Dip feathers, stones, and other items found around the home, in the water and then try to clean it off with different kinds of material. You can reflect on the Rena oil disaster and engage in further research about other global issues containing oil. Check here for some more ideas.

Day 4 Make a Marble Run Mania

Build a marble track using the rims from paper plates and keep the marbles rolling. Tip, roll, crash. Fun! Get some inspiration here, or check out the Kiwi Families marble run here.

Day 5  Create your very own computer game

Create your very own computer game on SCRATCH junior, or SCRATCH MIT for older kids. Get more ideas here.

Well, I hope you have loads of fun exploring these daily science challenges. I leave you with the quote of the old and wise Socrates:

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’

Enjoy your holidays and feel free to pin your ideas on to our Pinterest boards!

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Silvia is an ECE professional, Qualified science educator, global consultant, mother of 3 and founder of diverse international experiential learning projects for children and adults. The Little Kiwi Scientists is her newest project and encourages New Zealanders to embrace science learning and 100% human potential. Her daughter (11) started mindsurprise.com

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