Hi guys! We’re really excited that you’re coming to New Zealand. My kids love to sing and dance along to your songs.

Will you have time for any sightseeing while you are in NZ? If so, what are you looking forward to doing? 

(Mary) I really hope so! It will be the first time we are coming to New Zealand so I am looking forward to exploring all the sites and trying the food!

What do you like to do at home when you’re not touring and performing? 

(Mary) Definitely love staying home in my PJs and watching movies with my family and friends. I also love cooking, baking and going for bike rides on my new pink Bicycle.



Tanika – you’re the newest member of the Hi-5 team – how have you found joining a group with such a large following?

(Tanika) It has definitely been the most amazing experience of my life. Being in Hi-5, we get to travel the world and meet thousands of children from all different cultures but the one thing that resonates, no matter who or where, is love and family. Now that’s something pretty special.

You guys travel together a lot – do you ever get tired of being around each other? 

(Mary) We are all so close and are like brothers and sisters. We see each other more than our own families and we are very lucky to all get on so well.

I know you guys like jokes – can you tell us a joke? Here’s one for you from my daughter: What’s coming soon but never arrives? Tomorrow! We hope you guys arrive soon 🙂 

(Mary) Haha I love that! Ok here is one of my favourites… Why did the Tomato turn red? Because she saw the Banana peel! 😂

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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