The Kiwi Families team got the opportunity to interview Mister Maker for his upcoming tour. Read on to find out what he’s looking forward to when he gets to New Zealand and some great advice he has for kids that love making things.

KF – Hi Mister Maker we’re super excited that you’re coming to New Zealand! Can you tell us a bit about what we can expect in your shows here?

MM: Thank you so much! I am super excited about travelling to New Zealand! We have a great show for you – it is a big, bright, bold and happy live show, celebrating creativity and fun! It has art at its heart but also includes a lot of the things that make live theatre exciting – singing, dancing, audience interaction…and The Shapes!!!
I wanted to create a live show that all ages would enjoy – not just the Mini Makers but the grown-ups too. It is a fun arty party and I hope everyone that comes to see the show has a wonderful time (and is surprised by my dance moves!).

KF – And what are you looking forward to doing while you are in New Zealand?

MM: This is my first trip to New Zealand so I just can’t wait!!! I hope I have some time to explore and maybe see some live sport. I also can’t wait to meet the Mini Makers and grown-ups at the Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington shows. It is great meeting our valued audience around the world and seeing what they think about our show. The two questions I probably get asked the most are “Where are the Shapes?” and “How did you get out of the TV?”…

KF – You’ve been Mister Maker since 2007 – what do you love about this role?

MM: It sounds a cliché, but being Mister Maker is my dream job. I always wanted to be a children’s television presenter – from an early age – and to be one now on a show that encourages fun and creativity, is a dream come true. I am also passionate about live theatre for children – so to answer your question, being able to travel the world and bring our live show to children and grown-ups everywhere is an honour and a privilege. I hope everyone enjoys the show and that they are inspired to go home to sing, dance and make things!

KF – Do you make things in your spare time?

MM: Yes because I am always preparing for my next show! My house is covered in glitter, sticky tape and googly eyes…but I don’t mind, because arts and craft has become my life. Being Mister Maker is a fantastic job because when I’m not touring, I put my producer hat on and work on our next show, song or arty creation!

KF – And what else do you like to do when you’re not Mister Maker?

MM: I am away from home a lot, so seeing my family is important to me. I go walking with my Dad…or have a cup of tea with Mum! I love watching football and cricket but don’t get much time to do it these days. My local soccer team from the UK is Gillingham (in English League One) and I try to watch as many games as I can, home and away.

KF – What advice would you give kids who love making things?

MM: Just have fun! Have a go at making something and I guarantee you will surprise yourself and be really proud of what you create.

I think the most important thing is to start collecting your own ‘doodle drawers’ of arty materials for a rainy day. This can be just an old shoe box that you fill up with materials that might be useful one day. Then of course, paper, glue and scissors are must-haves…but be careful, scissors are…? (Sharp!)

I think making arts and crafts is a great way to generate confidence in people of all ages…and that confidence and fulfilment can enrich other aspects of our lives too.

MM: Thank you so much for your questions….I hope to see you at the show!
The Shapes send their love too…
Mister Maker x

MISTER MAKER AND THE SHAPES are touring New Zealand this July Auckland 8-10, Christchurch 12-13, and Wellington 15-17.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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