Here is a really cool project you can do with your kids. The inspiration for this project comes from all the beautiful woven wall hangings you see around these days. But rather than creating a woven piece, I thought it would be cool to use paint to create the woven pattern look. Here’s how to make a kids painted wall hanging.

Creating a painted wall hanging is a great activity for any kids who love to paint and play with wool. The design can also be quite technical if you want it to be, so this activity will keep older kids engaged. For younger children, you can use stencils, trace around different objects or even just free-form the designs.

A good way to start this project off with your children is to head over to Pinterest and look at some different woven patterns. Or just type in ‘woven wall hangings’ into google images, the choices are endless.

This project could be stretched over a couple of days, depending on your child’s attention to detail, or it can be completed in a couple of hours.

How to make a kids painted wall hanging

What you need

A5 Acrylic paper

Resene test pot paints (I used Riptide, Gelato, Wild Thing, Scrumptious and Home Run)

1 small paint brush and 1 medium paint brush

Pink and purple wool



Stencil (optional)


Permanent marker/Sharpie

Hole punch

A piece of dowel or just a stick from the garden outside

What to do

1. On an A5 sized paper use a pencil to sketch out a simple design. Geometric and repeating patterns work very well, but have some fun with different designs. Make sure you rule a line about 5cm up from the bottom, as this will become the painted area you make little cuts into. For my example, I went with a triangle-themed geometric wall hanging.


2. Paint in the different areas using bright and vibrant colours.

3. Add some glitter by using a stencil. I glued inside the stencil, then sprinkled on the glitter. Make sure your paint is dry before you add glitter or it will stick to all the wet paint.


4. Along the bottom make a series of little cuts, about 0.5cm wide, all the way across, from one end of the page to the other.


5.Once your wall hanging is dry, outline some of the lines and shapes with a marker or sharpie. This helps to create a border between the different designs, and paint colours.


6. Now use the hole punch to punch a hole at the top on either side of your wall hanging.

7. Attach your wall hanging to the dowel, or stick, with the wool. I passed the wool through the holes, and wrapped the wool a few times around the dowel for effect. Then, if you like, make little pompoms or tassels to attach to the top of the hanging. If you don’t know how to make pompoms check our our article on how to make pompoms three different ways.

8. Finally tie another piece of wool to each end of the dowel, tying the knots over the wool wraps.

For more awesome crafting ideas, check out our Creative arts and crafts for teens section.

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