My little boy loves getting out and exploring. It’s never a fast walk when you have a toddler setting the pace as there are so many things he wants to look at, touch, talk to and possibly taste if I let him! These clay magnets are a craft activity that is perfect for getting children out of the house and observing their surroundings. Younger children may need help with some of the steps but there is plenty of opportunity for them to help. The finished product makes a great gift too.

Making Fridge Magnets

Things you will need:

  • White modeling clay, air drying is best – I bought mine from Warehouse Stationery, any craft shop should have it
  • Magnetic tape (or if you have some magnets you don’t mind cutting up, they work just as well with a bit of glue)
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Paper towel or rag
  • Small square baking paper (not essential)
  • Twigs, ferns, leaves etc. – this is where the walk comes in.

    Get out into nature and select your objects together.

What to do

1. The first thing to do is go for walk and look for anything you can use to make an imprint in the clay. Twigs, ferns, leaves anything you think will make an interesting print. Even little children can help with this part and will possibly enjoy seeing the treasures they find turned into something crafty. Keep in mind harder objects give the best result, things like flowers can be tricky to work with.

Make imprints in your modelling clay.

2. Cut some small pieces of clay and roll out about half a centimetre thick. I made mine rectangular but if you feel like getting creative you can make any shapes you like. You could even make them bigger and turn them in to coasters.
3. Lay one of your items from the walk on the clay and put pressure on it to leave a an imprint; repeat with other items. I used some baking paper so I didn’t leave finger prints but it’s not essential.
4. Place your imprints somewhere wpic3arm and safe to dry.
5. Once dry it’s time to have some fun with painting them! I used bright colours, however I think more natural colours would look great. If you want a similar look to mine it’s simple. Paint all of the top side of your clay then using a slightly damp paper towel or rag wipe across the surface to remove some of the paint.
6. Let the paint dry then stick the magnets on the back. Then stand back and admire your finished product.

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