I love wall hangings so decided since Matariki is just around the corner I would create a star wall hanging with little miss 3.  I love creating with little miss 3. Sometimes it’s art she can do completely independently and others times like today it’s a team effort. I do all the fiddly work and she gets to do all the fun and messy craft.

Today we started by scouring the beach for the perfect pieces of driftwood and feathers for our star craft project. Once we were back home we got ready to get messy with the glue and glitter (miss 3 loves glitter).

You will need

3 pieces of drift wood (roughly the same size)
1 A4 sheet of felt
Beads of your choice
Needles big enough for the string you have

How to make the star craft wall hanging

  1. Create a triangle with the pieces of drift wood and bind together with string
  2. Decide on the size of the stars you would like to use and cut them out of the felt
  3. Glue and glitter the front and back of each star
  4. Once the glue is dry attach any embellishments to the stars using a needle and thread
  5. Dip any feathers you have in glue halfway and add glitter to it then add these to your stars
  6. Tie the stars to your drift wood
  7. Finally, tie a piece of string to the top of the star hanging and display on the wall.

Check out Matariki crafts for kids or more great Matariki craft ideas.

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