Christmas is fast approaching, and with it, the stress of coming up with a great, original idea of what to give your offspring for their Christmas present is rising. Have you thought about the gift of travel for Christmas?

A lot of kids nowadays are lucky enough to already have a bike, a wardrobe full of clothes and multiple electronic devices strewn around the bedroom floor. So what are we meant to give them now?

The gift of travel this Christmas

The best present that I can think of isn’t a tangible, physical one, but the life changing, and educational, experience of travelling to a new country. And there is no way your child should get to go on their own, so you as their parent will just have to tag along too and make it a whole family affair!

That’s what we have decided to do this Christmas – the whole family is off to Argentina, forgoing the traditional presents under the tree and stuffed turkey for lunch, for 4 weeks of backpacking around this fascinating country.

If Argentina is a bit too off the beaten track for your liking, there are plenty of softer options to travel to where both the children and adults alike will have an enlightening, fun and rewarding experience.

Top 3 family travel destinations

My top 3 picks for easy family travel are as follows:



The energy of Vietnam is invigorating and infectious.

Whether navigating the hustling Ho Chi Minh City by moped or the spectacular Halong Bay by boat, cruising the backwaters of the Mekong Delta or strolling the back alleys of Hoi An, you will find the people, scenery, sights and tastes of Vietnam an experience to treasure.


Borneo male orangutan

Home to amazing wildlife, stunning scenery, indigenous tribes and tranquil islands surrounded by clear seas teeming with life – this is a slice of paradise on earth that really has it all!

The extensive regional airline network enables you to easily explore the likes of Kota Kinabalu, Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, the renowned snorkelling and diving of Sipadan, the bat swarms of Miri and the headhunter villages in the remote rainforests of Sarawak.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka remains one of our favourite destinations to travel as a family.

The country features landscapes, nature, beaches, history and culture all within a relatively small area, eliminating the necessity for any long journeys which makes it suitable for even the youngest of families.

So, dare to be different this Christmas and give your kids the gift of travel – a present that will keep on giving amazing memories for a lifetime and not just end up discarded on the bedroom floor.

Best of all, you won’t have to endure the nightmare that is Christmas shopping, bumping shoulders with other weary parents, trudging from shop to shop trying to find inspiration for that prefect gift.

As they say in Lapland, home to Rudolph and his reindeer friends, “Hyvää matkustaminen” – Happy travelling!

For more great travel advice and tips, check out our travel section.

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Fiona Rouse has visited more than 30 countries with her family, including a trip to Samoa when her newborn was jut 5 months old. She's now Director of Adventure Together, a self-guided tour booking service for families who want to travel a little further off the beaten track.

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