With the Hi-5 House Hits tour just about to hit New Zealand shores, we wanted to find out something about Hi-5 we didn’t already know.

Hi-5 House Hits

From October 1, the Hi-5 team hit New Zealand for their awesome House Hits tour. These are to be the biggest Hi-5 concerts yet. And Hi-5 have been touring for over 15 years, so they’re going to be great shows.

Hi-5 asked their fans what their favourite hits were and have put them all together to create a sing-a-long, dance-a-long show that should delight kids and parents alike. They’ll be playing all their classics like L.O.V.E and Making Music and there should be plenty of other surprises too.

Hi-5 are set to hit Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, so there’s plenty of venues and lots of opportunity to get along to what should be a great show. If you’re looking for tour or ticketing details you can find out more here.

Hi-5 Interview

Recently we posted this great interview with Mary and Tanika from Hi-5. We learnt a bit more about what they like to do when they’re not touring, what they love about being in Hi-5, and how they get along when out on the road. We even got a great joke from Mary!

It was cool learning more about them. You can find out more on the official website. But this time around we wanted to find out even more about each of the band! So we asked each member a specific question, and the answers just might surprise you!

5 things you definitely don’t know about Hi-5

KF: Lachie, we know your favourite animals are dolphins and dragons, but if you had the chance to ride on one, which one would you choose and why?

Lachie: I would love to go for a ride on a dolphin as I love the ocean as much as I love animals! They are super fast in the water and dolphins are just so friendly, and peaceful. They also have the best laugh!!

KF: Dayen, you love cooking. Did you know that there are more than 600 different pasta shapes? We didn’t even know there were that many actual shapes! If you could be any shape you wanted, what shape would you be and why?

Dayen I knew there were lots of different types of pasta but I didn’t realise there were 600 different types!!! Well if I was to BE a pasta I would definitely love to be my favourite pasta which is ravioli filled with something delicious!

KF: Chris, if you could be any one of the Harry Potter characters, who would you be and why?

Chris: If I could be any character from Harry Potter I’d definitely be a Hippogriff, so I could fly around with my giant wings! How cool would that be?

KF: Mary, one of your favourite meals is lamb. Did you know we have a famous sheep in New Zealand called Shrek who escaped shearing for 6 years by hiding in a cave? If you had to spend 6 years in a cave, what’s the 1 thing you’d take with you and why?

Mary: Ah poor Shrek!! I would love to bring a friend with me so that I’m not lonely in there – is that cheating?? Haha!

KF: Tanika, Ren and Stimpy is one of your favourite all time cartoons. Ours too! Have you ever sung the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song out loud in public?

Tanika: This is one of the best questions from my time in Hi-5! The answer is most definitely yes. It usually comes out when I’m strolling the isles of a grocery store – my favourite pass time!

The Hi-5 House Hits tour is on in New Zealand from October 1. If you want to get along to see the show, you can find out more here.

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