In a recent workshop for RTLBs I discussed all of the different diagnosis which are given to children today with learning or behaviours difficulties. We now have ADHD, ADD, GDD, PDD, ODD and PDAD together with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and Aspergers. The list seems to be endless and no doubt there will be more added as time goes by. However it has been my experience that these are just descriptions of symptoms. It is only in recent years that any real understanding of underlying causes has emerged.

These “Alphabet Kids” are all struggling with a neuro developmental delay which began in the first four months of life. Dr Robin Puac, a functional neurologist, has found that at 4 months of age there is a sudden change in brain development, with the sudden growth of spindle cells, heralding the unfolding of the frontal cortex. The alphabet kids almost all show a disruption at this crucial stage of development.

Audrey Mc Allen , who developed “The Extra Lesson™” intervention programme for these children also noted that the underlying faculties required for learning ( spatial orientation an body geography) also begin to develop in this crucial period of life.

 Sally Goddard, in “Reflexes Learning and Behaviour” found that the primitive reflexes that babies are born with (to ensure survival after birth) should all be suppressed by the baby’s own movement on the floor in these crucial first 4 months. When these remain they interfere with the processes of thought and memory. A direct cause and effect relationship can be seen between specific symptoms and specific retained reflexes.

So what has happened to our beautiful children? They are all struggling with their learning equipment. They are asking the question “How do I get into my body and make it work well for me?”

The Extra Lesson™ intervention, which I have used now for 11 years, effectively, gently and holistically removes the neuro developmental delay and restores to these children their true learning potential. How? By revisiting the entire sequence of early childhood movement patterns for the moment of birth.


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Rosemary Murphy is a trained teacher with a particular passion for helping children overcome learning difficulties. She is a graduate of the Extra Lesson™ post graduate training programme and is a Registered Extra Lesson Practitioner. She is also an Integrated Listening System Professional, a certified provider for The Listening Program®. Rosemary runs the Developmental Learning Centre

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