Writers: Rosemary Murphy

Rosemary Murphy

Rosemary Murphy is a trained teacher with a particular passion for helping children overcome learning difficulties. She is a graduate of the Extra Lesson™ post graduate training programme and is a Registered Extra Lesson Practitioner. She is also an Integrated Listening System Professional, a certified provider for The Listening Program®. Rosemary runs the Developmental Learning Centre

Hyperactivity in children


Of all the learning difficulties, hyperactivity is perhaps the one of the most difficult for parents and teachers to manage at home.

The hyperactive  child has difficulty sitting still for any length of time. He is constantly on the move. He may appear to have “ants in his pants”, will  have a very short attention span and is very easily distracted. He is impulsive and often acts without thinking first, sometimes hurting other children in the process.  He will call out in class, answer questions before they are completed, talk excessively and seldom finish what he has started without extra help.

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Back to school blues for children with learning difficulties


It’s that time again when parents are reminded by relentless advertising on TV that its is time to get their children ready to return to school. I meet many parents during the course of the year and I have noticed that most of them groan when you ask if they are looking forward to the beginning of the school term, but for very different reasons. Continue reading »

Listening difficulties

Listening difficulties

How many times have you had to say to your child over the past week

*“Listen to me…”

*“You’re not listening…” Continue reading »



An overview article by Rosemary Murphy on Dyspraxia which is broadly defined as a neurological disorder of motor co-ordination that involves difficulty in thinking and purposeful movement. Continue reading »



Dyslexia is defined in the Webster’s Concise Dictionary as “an impairment or loss of the ability to read”. It comes from the Greek “dys” meaning bad, difficult or defective and , “lexis” meaning speech, or lexicos pertaining to words. Continue reading »



A diagnosis of autism is perhaps the most difficult a parent can face. Many children with autism live their lives cut off from any real communication with those who love them, and are prone to meltdowns. The wiring in the brain of an autistic child does not work like that of his peers. It appears that the pruning process which occurs in typical children to remove inefficient pathways created in early childhood does not occur, and the connections which should occur to enable communication with others are not made. Continue reading »

ADHD sensory processing

ADHD sensory processing

Sensory processing is the mechanism by which we receive sensory messages and turn them into responses. Sensory Processing Disorder occurs when the child either under-responds to sensory stimuli or over-responds. Continue reading »

ADHD treatment

ADHD treatment

Rosemary Murphy overviews the various treatments for ADHD, including medication, drug free options, and diet.  Continue reading »



Of all the learning difficulties, ADHD or Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder is perhaps the one of the most difficult for teachers to manage in the classroom and for parents to manage at home. Continue reading »

What learning difficulties look like


If you ask any senior teacher they will invariably tell you that there are more children today with learning and behavioural difficulties than there were 35 years ago. In those days there would be one or two children who stood out in the classroom of 30 children. Today it is common to find up to 5-10 children in a class of 30 with some form of mild to moderate learning difficulty.  Continue reading »

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