1 – 4 year old development


One year old normal developmental stages? Milestones of a typical two yr old boy? Growth schedule  for a three year old girl? Checklist for a four year old?

We provide excellent articles re 1, 2, 3, & 4 Year Old Child Development — to help parents to better understand and help their young children.

Also explore Child Behaviour problems & issues —¬†1 – 4 Year¬†Old

Child¬†Development —¬†1, 2, 3, 4 Year Old

 General Overview

 Baby to Pre-school Overview 0 Р5 Years
 Normal Stages РBirth to 5 Years
 Toddler thru to Preschool
 0 Р3 Yrs Hearing Milestones
 0 Р5 Yrs Speech & Language Milestones
 0 Р5 Yrs Physical Development
 0 Р5 Yrs Social & Emotional Development
 0 Р5 Yrs Communication Skills
 0 Р5 Yrs Cognitive (Thinking) Skills
 Sleep 6 months Р3 years
 Sleep 3 Р5 Years

 1 Year Old

¬†The Growing Child –¬†1 Year Old
 12 Months Old Growth Milestones
 15 Months Old Growth Milestones
 18 Months Old Growth Milestones
 Your One Year Old
 1 Yr Old Social & Emotional Growth
 1 Yr Old Learning Skills
 1 Yr Old Language
 1 Yr Old Physical Skills
 Child Development 1 Р2 Years

 2 Year Old

 How I Grow in your care Р18 Months to 3 Years
 The Growing Child: 2 Year Old 
 Your Two Year Old
 Developmental Checklist for 2 Year Old
 2 Yr Old Growth Milestones
 2 Yr Old Social & Emotional Growth
 2 Yr Old Learning Skills
 2 Yr Old Language
 2 Yr Old Physical Skills
 Getting through the Terrible Twos
 Child Development 2 Р3 Years

 3 Year Old

 The Growing Child: 3 Year Old 
 Your Three Year Old
 3 Yr Old Growth Milestones
 3 Yr Old Social & Emotional Growth
 3 Yr Old Learning Skills
 3 Yr Old Language
 3 Yr Old Physical Skills
 Child Development 3 Р4 Years

 4 Year Old

 The Growing Child: 4 Year Old 
 Your Four Year Old
 4 Yr Old Growth Milestones
 4 Yr Old Social & Emotional Growth
 4 Yr Old Learning Skills
 4 Yr Old Language
 4 Yr Old Physical Skills
 Child Development 4 Р5 Years
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  • Rand

    I am a grandmother to Leon who turned 3 on December 11th last year. For
    some reason, unbeknown to us, he will not sit on the potty or toilet.
    He likes to wear pants but this doesn’t stop him from wetting himself
    and asks for a nappy when he needs to go badly, then he takes himself
    off to his room and closes the door until he is finnished. Other than
    that his development is normal and is a happy child. He has and older
    sister who is 6 in April. He copies everything she does and says except
    for using the toilet.

  • Sehz

    Hi there, I have a just turned 3 year old son. He is happy and content
    in most areas although he still does not really talk much at all. he
    will sometimes babble away and can say a couple of words “oh no”, mum,
    Dadda and sometimes he will imitate counting 1, 2 …. but he doesn’t
    really say much more than that. he will make lots of noises and piont to
    show us what he wants and I have been trying to encourage him speaking
    by saying to him eg: ” do you want a drink?”, “here is a drink”, “please
    Mum”, “Thank you Mum” etc. but still nothing. he also has a terrible
    sleeping habit and wakes nearly every night beween 12am-4:30am and will
    be wide awake for hours, sometimes not going back to sleep at all until
    the next night. he doesn’t have sleeps during the day, eats fairly well,
    not alot of sweets or junk etc (although we have found his waking is
    worse if he has had sweet things).he can be quite pedantic (spelling?)
    about somethings such as he likes his own space and can get very upset
    if someone interupts his play (eg- he may be sorting shapes and another
    child interfers he gets quite upset), or doesn’t like anyone else
    touching his food, but he is socially confident and friendly, interacts
    well with others also, and is much like any other 3 year old child in
    most ways. but there are these couple of things that I am just slightly
    concerned about. he has a twein sister who is a little chatterbox and
    extremely social and almost mature for her age which doesn’t help with
    comparison. but i wouldn’t say she or any of our children speak for him
    or overlly do everything for him either. my now 6 year old son was
    similar with his speech so I wasn’t overly concerned but people are
    starting to bug me about him, should I be concerned or seeking help?
    Thanks for your thoughts :o)

  • Juliemulcahy

    Hi Sehz

    You have probably given up on us!! I am so sorry that I did not pick up your message until now.

    you wee boy part of an early childhood centre or kindy? If so have a
    chat to the head teacher. Make an appointment so she can give you her
    full attention.

    I would be asking if you can have a referral made
    to the Early Childhood team at the Ministry Of Education , Special
    Education services.They have a range of specialists including speech
    therapists , who can advise you .

    It might also be a good idea
    to talk with your GP who could refer you to services available through
    your local hospital or to private specialists in child development or
    speech therapy.

    It is a wonderful idea to look at doing something
    now. There is funding for supporting the under fives so make use of
    it and be proactive. Make that appoinment now.

    Well done mum


  • Jessica

    Once your baby turns a toddler, ensuring that he has achieved age-appropriate social milestones is as vital as caring for his health.

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