Baby clothes checklist


Make use of this handy checklist of baby clothes / layette to ensure all the essentials for baby clothes / layette are ready for baby’s arrival. In time you could then add to this list with ‘nice to haves’ as your time and budget allows.

Obviously, baby clothes or layettes are available from the nursery section of any big department store, plus specialist baby shops in your area. You may also like to consider browsing through clothing websites, or checking out clothes for babies in second hand shops.

This may not seem like a very big list, but babies grow fast! Before long baby will no longer fit their newborn clothes, and you’ll be buying a whole new list. Remember, you are also likely to be given a lot of baby clothes as gifts, so just focus on buying the essentials for the layette and chances are the rest will be taken care of.

Essentials for Baby Clothes / Layette

4 singlets $6 – 10


4 body suits $6 – 10

(these button between baby’s legs, keeping their midriff warm)

5 stretch n grow $8 – 20

(these have feet incorporated, so keep baby cosy)

4 socks / booties $4 – 10

(look for ones with wide, soft ribbing around the ankle)

2 hats / bonnets $5 – 15

(depending on season)

3 scratch Mittens $4 – 10

(beware these have a tendency to fall off)

2 sleep suits / Nightgowns $8 – 20

(night gowns save struggling with poppers in the middle of the night!)

3 cardigans or jackets $8 – 20

(poppers will be easier than fiddly buttons)

1 ‘coming home’ or ‘going out’ outfit $10 – 100.

(the sky really is the limit!)

Some parents like to have special outfits for baby to wear on family occasions (like coming home from the hospital). Keep in mind that baby will grow fast and they may outgrow a “special” outfit before they even get a chance to wear it. You are also likely to be given special outfits as gifts, so don’t go crazy!

The Kiwi Families Team

This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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