The health & safety of our children is paramount. Here is a list of commonly used items to help you ensure the health & safety of your baby.

Health and safety are hugely important considerations, not only with a new baby, but increasingly as baby starts to move around. Before you know it they will be rolling, crawling and walking and finding their way into all sorts of dangers.

Cupboard & Fridge Safety Locks, Door Jams and Safety Plugs

$3 -10 per packet

All of these are essential once baby starts moving around. They are all pretty standard and any large department store or baby shop will be able to help you.

Stairs / Door Barriers

$100 -180

These come in various styles and prices. Make sure you buy one that is adjustable, so that you can use it on any door or opening. Adjustable barriers are also great for ranch sliders.

If you are getting them second hand, check all the adjustable screws are still tight and working well.

Medicine Spoon or Syringe

$5 -10

When you are giving baby medicine you need to make sure it is measured accurately, as an overdose could be deadly. There are a number of styles available – spoons, cups and even some with a teat attachment. (Often, however, medicine comes with a syringe or spoon in the box).


$15 – 150

When taking baby’s temperature, you need a thermometer that works quickly and is accurate.

Thermometers vary enormously in price, but remember you will be able to use this for the whole family and most have at least a 5 year warranty. You can get these at specialist baby shops and pharmacies.

If you are getting this second hand make sure it comes with all the instructions and is still within its warranty period.

For an easy, free, way to check baby’s temperature, there is no substitute for feeling the central core of your baby with your own hand (on the back of baby’s back or their chest).

Baby Monitor

$80 – 200

When buying a baby monitor, check out the following:

  • How far is the range from base?
  • Does it monitor sound and movement, or sound only?
  • How many receivers does it have?

Then consider what you really need in relation to the size of your home and section to ensure the health and safety of your little ones. If you suspect that your baby is unwell, there is no substitute for checking on the well being of your baby for yourself. Also, baby monitors can make some parents over-anxious.

If you are getting this second hand make sure it comes with all the instructions and is still within its warranty period.


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Paula Skelton is a qualified NZ nurse and midwife, a midwifery & childbirth educator and the mum of three lovely girls.

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