Creamy chicken casserole


This recipe has been a winner amongst the Kiwi Families team.  It is a delicious, creamy chicken dish which is great served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable side dish or salad.  Try making a double batch and freezing half for an easy go-to meal on one of those nights when it’s needed.


One whole chicken, defrosted

2 tsp salt

3 bay leaves

1 packet of mushroom soup mix (or canned soup)

Carrot, grated (one per two people being served)

Onion, diced (one per two people being served)

Celery, sliced (one stick per two people being served)

2 slices of cut up bacon (per two people being served)

3 tablespoons sherry

1/4 cup cream

Chopped parsley


Cover the chicken with water, add salt and bay leaves and bring to the boil.  Simmer one hour.  Drain, but reserve one cup of liquid (stock).

Fry bacon in a pan.  While chicken is cooling, mix mushroom soup with cup of stock and bring to a simmer on stovetop – or put in the oven or slow cooker.  Add chopped vegetables, bacon and sherry.  Pull cooked chicken meat off the bones and add to the dish.

Simmer until vegetables are tender – approximately 20-30 minutes on stovetop, a few hours in the slow cooker or one hour in the oven at 180 degrees celcius.

If you prefer, thicken sauce slightly by adding some cornflour in water.

Immediately before serving, add cream and finish with parsley.


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