Here’s a super-simple and effective craft idea. The DIY jewellery hanger on painted driftwood is perfect for your teenager’s, or older kid’s room, to organise all that jewellery lying around.

It’s also a great excuse to get out of the house and head down to the beach to fossick for some treasures. We spent the morning playing at the beach and collecting lots of different materials for this DIY idea. We came back with plenty of natural beach treasures to use on a range of crafting ideas.

This idea will make a great DIY project to keep your older children entertained in the weekend or during the holidays. They could get some inspiration from Pinterest by searching for painted sticks. And then come up with their own colours and patterns to suit their bedroom and personality.

DIY Jewellery hanger – painted driftwood


You will need

Acrylic paint (we used Resene test pots in Irresistible, Wild thing, Riptide and Bianca)
Screw in hooks
Screw in eyelets
Small paint brush
Washi tape or masking tape

What to do

1. Collect a number of different driftwood pieces from the beach.
2. Decide on what type of pattern you would like to create on your driftwood, and tape off the different sections to paint:
3. Paint between the taped off areas. I think applying 3 coats of paint looks best. You will find that the driftwood really soaks in the paint, so by adding 3 coats your colours will be a lot bolder, with more pop:
4. When the paint is dry peel off the tape and add any fine details to your piece. I added some small white dots.
5. Screw the eyelets on top and attach the string to hang it from:
6. Now decide on the spacing you would like and screw in the hooks. Your piece of driftwood will dictate where the hooks are best placed. This means every piece will be totally unique!
7. Find a good spot on a bedroom wall, and hang and display your favourite jewellery.

That’s how to make a DIY jewellery hanger on painted driftwood. For more great teenage art and craft projects, check out our Activities for teens section.

And as always e love to see your kid’s projects, just hashtag #kiwifamilies on instagram or leave a picture of your child’s work on our Facebook page.

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