First day of primary school checklist


Print off a “First Day Checklist” for when your child starts primary school in NZ.  Here’s a generic checklist of items your child will need when he or she attends Primary School.

Item Required
Hat – broad brimmed or with neck flap
Sunglasses and case (optional)
School clothes (uniform or mufti) including:

  • t-shirt that covers shoulders
  • shorts or skirt that covers thighs
  • summer sandals (sturdy with straps)
  • sweatshirt for cool days
School bag (back pack)
Book / library bag
Togs bag
Togs, towel and goggles
Lunch Box
Drink bottle
Pencil case
Pencils, pens, rubber, ruler, pencil sharpener
Stationery (books and paper as specified by the school)
First Day Paperwork
Enrolment form
Proof of age and citizenship (birth certificate or passport)
Immunisation certificates (in Plunket / Well Child book)
Doctor’s Contact Details and Child’s Medical Information (allergies, medications etc)
Any Legal Documents relevant to your child (particularly regarding custody and access issues)
Your Contact Details during the day (and a second, back-up contact if possible)
Sunscreen – roll on is easy
Is your child tidy and healthy? – do they need a visit to the doctor or the hairdresser / barber for a haircut

For more information on labelling school gear read Back to School – Labelling

For further information on choices surrounding immunisation, where to go and what to expect visit our Kiwi Families section on Immunisation

Kylie Valentine

Kylie Valentine is a qualified secondary school teacher, trained journalist, and the mum of two fabulous children.

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