Find our quick reference table of free Online Games – Science & Literacy –  fun for kids. Let your toddler, preschool or primary school boys and girls learn science, literacy, reading, word games, spelling, puzzles, mazes & more through playing free educational online games. Click on the selected website address below to view and play an enormous array of interactive games. Contact us  if you would like any other free, cool science or literacy game websites added for young children to enjoy.


Website and Description

 Science & Technology

PBS Kids – Sid The Science Kid

— an amazing selection of science games for toddler and preschool children

Science Kids

— heaps of interactive online games & activities with subjects involving Living Things; Physical Processes; and Solids, Liquids & Gases.


— Some wickED science games for kids about planet Earth, including eathquakes and volcanoes.

BBC Schools

—  interactive science games for ages 4 – 11 years old

 Literacy  & General

Learning Games for Kids

— Fun interactive learning games for preschoolers in order to help concentration and recognition of colours & shapes.


— a multitude of excellent interactive games — colourful, fun, with audio — for toddlers and preschool kids

The Kidz Page

— heaps of learning games (a mix of online interactive & printable worksheets) — including maze games, logic puzzle games, word games, and memory games — for kids

                       PBS Kids

— a dazzling selection of Letter games, Spelling games, Reading games, Literacy games,  & Vocabulary games for toddler and preschool children

WickED Literacy

— Some wickED NZ literacy games for kids about spelling and use of words.

Play Kids Games

— a huge assortment of interactive alphabet games, vocabulary games, memory games, + geography & problem solving puzzles for preschool and primary school children

BBC Schools

—  interactive literacy games, geography games,  history games, and music activities for ages 4 – 11 years old

Up to Ten

— a myriad of games and activities for toddler, preschool and primary school kids


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