One of the best starts to the day you can give your family is a good healthy breakfast. The problem I have is that when I go to the supermarket and look at the ingredients list on breakfast cereals and muesli everything is full of sugar! That is not what I want to feed my family in the morning. It is true that there are lots of healthy muesli brands out there, but is it just me that thinks they are so darn expensive?! I mean $10 for 500g is crazy, my boys would have that finished in two mornings.

So here is my own coconut, cranberry and apricot toasted muesli recipe. This is so good that the kids will want it every morning and be asking for seconds. The recipe can be easily adapted for your own families tastes and preferences, and if you have anyone with a nut allergy just leave them out, simple.

This will leave your kids full for the whole morning and one of the best things is this recipe makes 3kg’s of muesli for approximately $20, that’s 1/3rd of the price of something of the equivalent quality in the supermarket.

Ingredients for Coconut, cranberry and apricot toasted muesli

1.5kg rolled oats

400g Almonds, or any unsalted mixed nuts will do, roughly chopped.

200g desiccated coconut

200g dried cranberries

200g chopped apricots

350g bran

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup oil, any neutral flavoured oil will do.

1/2 cup cranberry juice

toasted museli

Gently heat the honey, oil and cranberry juice in a pot on the stove until well combined.

Put the oats, coconut and chopped nuts in a large roasting tin, or split between 2 trays and slowly add in the honey mixture, ensure it is well combined, get in there with your hands if you need to!

Roast in the oven on a medium heat, I set my oven about 140 fan forced, for a good half an hour and stir a few times. You may need to adjust the temperateure based on your own oven, but don’t worry as long as it’s not too hot and you stir it it’s impossible to go wrong! Once the mixture is a light golden colour then it is ready!

Remove from oven and cool, then finally add all your fruit.

This keeps so well in airtight containers for up to a month.


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Gilly Nash is a passionate foodie who calls her kitchen Gilly's Pantry. She loves to develop her own recipes and is always keen to find new ways of getting healthy veggies and good food into her boys. She also believes that we all deserve a treat! You can contact Gilly on Twitter to find out more about her recipes.

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