We all have those days when we wake up, see it’s chucking down with rain, and want to eat cake for breakfast right? It can’t just be me. Well on those days this ginger loaf is one of my go-to cakes, takes 5 minutes to whip up and only 30 minutes to cook. Ready in less time than it takes to feed the kids and make the lunches and then I can pop a bit in everyones’ lunch box… Do the morning drop off and come home for my cuppa and cake. Indulgent yes? Do we care? No. Everyone needs a treat sometime!

Ginger loaf


50g butter

1 Tbsp Molasses

1 egg, lightly beaten.

1/2 cup Sugar

1 cup self raising flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

3 tsp ginger

3/4 cup milk


To make this a dairy free recipe – substitute the butter for oil and use Almond Milk instead of regular milk.

Pre heat oven to 180.

In a pot melt the butter and the molasses together, add the sugar, egg and ginger and mix until combined. Add the flour and baking powder and mix well, finally add in the milk.

Put the mixture in a well greased baking tin and cook for 30 minutes, depending on your oven it may take a little more or less time, when a skewer comes out clean it’s ready!

Now enjoy your half an hour with your cake and cuppa ok?

PS If you want an extra bit of indulgence, ice the cake, go on you know you want to 😉

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Gilly Nash is a passionate foodie who calls her kitchen Gilly's Pantry. She loves to develop her own recipes and is always keen to find new ways of getting healthy veggies and good food into her boys. She also believes that we all deserve a treat! You can contact Gilly on Twitter to find out more about her recipes.

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Rebecca Grainger

Thanks for a great recipe, which I will try in the next few days. What size tin would deb ideal?

Gilly Nash

Hi, good point, just a normal size loaf tin is perfect for this recipe. Thanks!

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